The Power of Black Lives Matter: Toronto mayor asks council to make masks mandatory to slow spread of COVID-19 – June 30, 2020,

So yeah, Conservatives can disagree with me all they want, Black America embodies Americana way better than many of you white Conservatives. In black man named George Floyd was killed by police, George Floyd wasn’t exactly the model citizen, yet and still, Black Americans who as a collective I admire didn’t care what power the government thought it had, Black Americans said screw you and you’re phony laws we’re going to protest.

White Liberals, mostly from Antifa, comprehending the criminal element in black America began breaking things in Black American cities and which of course opened the door for black criminals to do the same, but yet in still with all the chaos that ensued, there was absolutely nothing the pandering Leftist could do about it.

In Toronto, I’m proud to say that some of my Torontian brothers and sisters have been protesting the government shutdowns, which like it or not is why it’s taken so long for provincial and municipal governments to push for more draconian measures.

Yes, forcing someone to wear a mask is draconian, the government is attempting to flex its muscles, imagine getting a ticket or being harassed by a government worker, because you’re exercising your right not to wear a mask.

Sure te government is selling to you that if you’re not wearing a mask you’re helping to kill grandma and grandpa, but deep down, we all know many Canadians are happy they don’t have to go to work or work as hard because of COVID-19.

By now, most Canadians which include Liberal Canadians know and comprehend that COVID-19 the way it’s being promoted by the media is a scam. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, I’m saying the way it’s being sold to be as this disease that kills everything it touches is a scam.

Almost everyone knows it, but wearing a mask, but humans right now all over planet earth via government edict all of a sudden have a legal excuse to be less productive, and just being honest I can’t blame humans for trying to milk this thing for everything it’s worth. If humans can get free money and free travel and not worry about being productive, most would vote to keep this COVID-19 scam going on for infinity, however we do know economic systems all over the world are breaking down now.

Sure the media won’t talk about the economic damage covid-19 is causes right now, because explaining the truth is hard and plus, telling the truth risks offending people, but let’s be honest, at the very least what black lives matter has shown me is that the government is powerless and most people aren’t complying because they’re scared of coronavirus, they’re complying because via things like CERB there’s an incentive to comply!

Be careful Mayor of Toronto, because when the free money dries up and the resources become the people will come for you!

Toronto mayor asks council to make masks mandatory to slow spread of COVID-19 |

Interesting times ahead!