The People’s Party of Canada Growing Stronger in Saskatchewan: Deaf Indigenous activist violently attacks Maxime Bernier at a campaign event, bases his attack on his personal reasons – September 4, 2021,

So, the individual who attacked Maxime Bernier based on my research appears to revolve around his belief that he’s being ignored by Maxime Bernier, and the information he has that I assume he hopes will destroy Maximes credibility is being suppressed?

There are a lot of people who find the NEGATIVE in everything and run with it. The individual who attacked Maxime Bernier appears to be more of your traditional conspiracy theorist who finds pleasure in destroying rather than building. He provides no solutions, but is quick to find a reason to destroy the People’s Party of Canada, which is fine, but he shouldn’t be promoting violence and excusing his violence because of his personal beliefs

It always amazes me how much energy certain people have for one group of people, but they completely ignore the ruling Political Party’s. Maxime Bernier as leader of the People’s Party of Canada hasn’t won anything yet, but, this individual found the time to find themselves at a PPC event, to commit an act of violence?

As a PPC supporter, I’ve always HATED the Yellow Vest movement, there are a lot of political things Maxime Bernier gets involved with, that I want nothing to do with. The Yellow Vest movement is a labor union movement started in France that is fighting for “economic justice” whatever the fuck that means.

Using the government to create a regulation that not only pushes prices up for the poor consumer but also uses the power of government to reward a particular YELLOW VEST special interest group is socialism I’m a free-market capitalist, I believe in FREEDOM, but you see in Canada, FREEDOM is for a lot of people a new concept because they’ve been brainwashed by Canadian socialists.

This explains why @Timothy58154191 deemed it wise to use violence as a means to express himself. A lot of people think they’re pro-freedom, but they’re actually socialist, pro-freedom means people can change, if Maxime Bernier turns on Freedom I turn on Maxime Bernier, but there are certain laws in Canada, that can not be changed in 4 years if Maxime Bernier becomes Prime Minister and he’s prepared PPC supporters for the REALITIES of what a PPC win looks like.

There are a lot of people in Canada who are simply immature, who are looking for a reason to riot or start a riot. One of the main reasons there are so many violent protests in France 🇫🇷 is because the socialist protestors do not want to give up their socialist entitlement programs that are BANKRUPTING France.

As is the case with most failed socialist schemes, socialists don’t give up when their socialist scheme fail, they double down on their socialist beliefs, being that “climate change” is part of the new socialist agenda, climate change socialism clashed with gas prices hikes which were the result of Frances carbon tax.

To show you how socialist in origin the Yellow Vest movement was, the protestors demanded hikes to MINIMUM WAGES AND A “TAX ON WEALTH”. Taxation is theft, why would any freedom-loving person demand the government raise taxes and create a wage regulation that makes it harder to start a business?

Most freedom-loving people do not want to have a boss. A minimum wage and other FINANCIAL government regulations make it harder to start a business and become SELF EMPLOYED AND/OR SELF SUFFICIENT 

I write this because most conspiracy theorists are all over the place with their belief systems. They expect people to be perfect.

What I will say is that anarchy is something I understand, as a believer in free markets I hate unnecessary Government REGULATIONS, but if you read what this individual who attacked Maxime Bernier has to say, in many instances his pro-government regulations, as long as those government regulations align with his ideology all is well.

I bring this up because to expect any human to be as perfect as you imagine they should be is mental retardation, you’re shooting yourself in the foot when you do that. This is what’s wrong with the school system in Canada today, I can tell when you read the tweet below, that the individual how used violence against Maxime Bernier is confused.

Because of the Liberal Brainwashing of Canada’s First Nations people, many of them are do not know what’s going on and the people who would best help Canada’s First Nations people are being demonized. Canada’s First Nations people are sitting on a Gold mine, that should enrich every single one of them, but you see MISINFORMATION keeps Canada’s First Nations people stuck in a poverty cycle.

The individual who egged Maxime Bernier I believe he means well, but he can’t release the spiritual energy because he’s been brainwashed. First Nations people even under Canadian law are sitting on prime real estate, that they can use as a means to educate and organize themselves has been used against them, mostly by Left-Wing political Parties who want to trap First Nations people in a cycle of Government WELFARE and Government dependence.

When you’re dependent on a government to survive you become SPIRITUALLY weaker and easier to control. I hope this young man who claims to be an anarchist looks up Anarcho-capitalism which I believe would bring the warrior spirit back to First Nations Men and Women!

This Big-government brainwashing needs to stop!

Interesting times ahead