Preexisting Conditions and AGE Ignored in Alberta Corporatism-Virus data: Almost 15 percent of fully vaccinated Albertans in hospital – August 23, 2021,

I don’t see the point of the CBC, one could assume that because they have an unlimited budget at the expense of Canadian taxpayers that they would provide more details. But it’s all politics at the end of the day and just so I’m clear, people have been dying from the flu for years in record numbers and number cared, now that corporations are getting rich from the Corporatism-virus the facts don’t even matter.

Preexisting conditions are clearly the root cause of death and furthermore based on what I know about the corporatism-virus medical professionals can’t tell the difference between the common flu and the corporatism virus, which is why if you look at the influenza data it’s at historic lows ALL OVER THE WORLD!

Influenza had been mutating since the Spanish flu, but nobody cared because humans had the OPTION to get the flu shot, the corporatism virus is all about money and you wait and see it should not surprise you if the corporatism virus becomes an annual shot. Think about it for a moment 15 percent of fully vaccinated people still have corporatism virus? Should that tell you something!

Alberta reports 1,972 new COVID-19 cases, along with 5 additional deaths, over past 3 days |

Interesting times ahead!