President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador(AMLO) Continues to Outsmart Canada and the United States Stalls major solar projects he knows will threaten Mexico’s energy security – August 22, 2022,



Demographically Mexico continues to become a rising power in the world; it might not look at as you observe a lot of the dysfunction, which does include Mexicans fleeing south of the border, but people are MOVING to Mexico for the economic opportunity. The world, in many ways, might evolve in a way none of us expect it to; at one point, nobody ever expected the United States to become a superpower, the U.S becoming a superpower in many ways is a recent development, and it could lose its dominant standing in the world at any time, especially if it doesn’t take it’s energy security seriously.


In Mexico, their SOCIALIST President Andrés Manuel López Obrador known better as AMLO is putting Mexicos NATIONAL interest first. In the 2020 U.S Presidential election, Donald Trump cited election fraud as the reason he lost the election; well, if you look up the Controversies of the 2006 Mexican general election, it involved AMLO and Felipe Calderón, AMLO claimed the election results were fraudulent, and Felipe Calderón’s people argued it was legitimate, either way, AMLO lost, but his supporters remained.

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I bring this up because, in my opinion, everything is cyclical; even if Joe Biden, as an example, continues to win for the foreseeable future, the evidence suggests that the will of the people will eventually reign; in many ways, it’s uncertain if AMLO would have been able to defeat the drug cartels, that some claim were controlling Felipe Calderón, but what this clearly did was make AMLO a smarter politician.

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Personally, I think humanity can do better than politics, but the world is what it is, and when you do your research on AMLO, you can start to make sense of the man. He is a nationalist. However, he appears to have a flexible approach to his nationalistic agenda. Obviously, petroleum is financing the Mexican economy, and solar panels offer Mexico little to nothing. Furthermore, the private sector in Mexico appears eager to do all of the heavy lifting anyway, so why should AMLO force Mexicans to pay for a green agenda that might become UNPOPULAR in the next few years?

The numbers and evidence suggest that most people all over the world DO NOT care about renewable energies. Basically, there’s a globalist agenda to force green energies on people who could care less. I’m sure AMLO has noticed that the only means of attack, Western nations have against him is negative media; well, by now I’m certain AMLO has become accustomed to negative media and may even embrace it.

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Furthermore, because of this far-left push by western media, more and more people are tuning them out, making their negative attack ads sting a whole lot less. This likely has emboldened AMLO, who knows his fellow countrymen are NATIONALISTIC. One of the problems globalists will have in Latin America is nationalism, there is a lot of nationalistic pride in Latin American countries, and each one is unique in that sense.

AMLO can lean on this to prevent green energies from destroying his economy. Where Canada and the U.S have strong currencies, allowing them to make up the DEFICIT of their green agenda, Mexico has no such privilege; if the Mexican peso falls in value, the cost of imports will rise DRASTICALLY, which could AMLO the presidency.

What direction AMLO takes in the future, nobody knows, but in the present, his course of action makes a lot of sense to me, which should be a sign to countries like Canada and the United States that their green energy push better work out as planned, because Mexico is an energy powerhouse and if investment starts to flood that nation and Canada and America risk it all on renewable energy, we could see a changing of the new world order in a way none of us ever expected.

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Interesting times ahead!