Presumption of guilt via the CBC: CBC writes a hit piece on New Brunswick police officers before they’re actually charged “Charges against police seem to be getting more serious” – October 8, 2022,



First and foremost, there is a possibility that all of these police officers are guilty as charged, I’ve actually heard some bad stories about police officers in New Brunswick on more than one occasion, so I’m not writing this post in their defense, why I am writing this post is because the CBC appears to be taking a biased stance against the New Brunswick police without detailing the facts.

Out of all the cases mentioned, only one, in my opinion, should be considered extremely alarming at that’s the case against Woodstock RCMP Const. Osama Ibrahim who is accused of assaulting and sexually assaulting a woman in Saint John who was known to him between Dec. 1, 2021, and Feb. 23, 2022. That is a story on it’s own and if you ask me, that’s who their article revolves around, BUT because the CBC doesn’twant to target the lone officer with the name “Osama,” they instead opted to indite the entire New Brunswick police force and you know this because within the body of the CBC article it clearly states the following:

Five New Brunswick police officers are facing criminal charges, a number that’s higher than usual but not the highest it’s ever been.

Three Saint John Police Force officers and two RCMP officers are subjects of criminal prosecutions. The charges are at various stages and range from sexual assault to obstruction of justice to assault during an arrest.

Charges against police seem to be getting more serious, criminologist says |

Now, yes, excessive force is unnecessary, but the public doesn’t fault police officers for excessive force, typically excessive force is defined by the regulatory authorities but if you were to ask the average Canadian if they care about a police officer using excessive force, most would likely shrug their shoulders, imagining a violent criminal trying to escape police custody, and the police officer in the midst of the struggle using excessive force to get the situation under control.

Now, if you’re part of the WOKE crowd, you’re happy to see the police under investigation because that plays into your “Defund the police” narrative, but if you read the CBC article I point to, it’s not a WOKE article, it’s mostly a WOKE headline. In the body of the article, the only case that stands out is a charge against Woodstock RCMP Const. Osama Ibrahim, which could be an article all on its own.

It’s not like the New Brunswick police forces are breaking any new records of being charged. It’s just when you see the words “rape” and “police officer” that gets most of us wonder what’s really going on here. Now truth be told, this Woodstock RCMP Const. Osama Ibrahim’s story has it’s own article which I point to below, but because his name is Osama, you’ll notice that the article is not very long, at least not as long as the previous article.

Now instead of simply doing a follow-up of the Woodstock RCMP Const. Osama Ibrahim case, maybe the CBC writers deemed it better not to target “Osama” and instead tried to indite the entire New Brunswick police force to get national attention? Why I bring this up is because if we can’t call a spade a spade, what are we doing as a country?

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Regardless of race or religion, a rapist is a rapist, and racism in the police force is a serious problem. Still, instead of SCARING the hell out of the public, how about we simply target the INDIVIDUAL being charged? A lot of Hollywood movies that are based around cops revolve around the “hero” police officer using excessive force against the criminal in many instances, the Hollywood cops are openly breaking the law, which is one of the reasons most people don’t care about police officers using excessive force.

When most people imagine a police officer using excessive force unless it’s a wokster, the average person leaves it to the legal authorities because no law-abiding citizen wants to see criminals running the streets. But when anyone hears the words “rape” and “police officer” in the same sentence or paragraph, that changes everything because, as a police officer, you can use your powers as a tool of evil.

If a police officer is raping people, that officer needs to be CRIMINALLY charged individually, but that is not an indictment on the entire police force; what many of us would argue, however, is NOT having these affirmative action programs for police officers. Yes, I’m aware that there could be labor shortages making it hard to find police officers, but the root cause of these labor shortages could be the result of WOKESTERS of generations past.

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There are a lot of stringent laws for police officers, which is why a lot of people who otherwise would be police officers aren’t. Being Woke is nothing new; it’s just more of a headline with social media wokesters using social media to their advantage. I know quite a few people who aren’t cops because of how hard it is for them abide by the regulations of being a cop.

With most law-abiding citizens, once they review what’s required of them to be a cop, they’ll say to themselves, “I’ll pass,” but if you’re a rapist, you won’t care about these “arbitrary” rules and regulations, you’ll say to yourself thank you very much and give me badge so I can start abusing these new powers I just got.

I want to make it clear that visible minorities are in, I’d assume every police force in Canada, and most of them follow the laws, which is why I’m for INDIVIDUALISM, but if a person named “Osama” is abusing his powers, he’s still innocent before proven guilty, but we still have to call a spade a spade and EXPOSE him for wrongdoing.

RCMP N.B. officer charged with sexual assault, 4 other offences |

Interesting times ahead!