Review Is It a Scam

Price Shuffle what an interesting name for a penny auction website. Now i am not here to tell you what to do with your money or your time i am merely trying to educate some of you on how in my opinion penny auction websites like Price Shuffle really work.  I will let you know right off the bat that i personally do not use Penny Auction websites, my two main reasons are because they are time consuming and personally in my opinion i feel like the game is rigged sometimes. Another thing is i am hearing stories about peoples credit cards being charged $149.75 once they sign up.

I’m sure their are real winners but at the same time in my opinion i think the penny auction website has to make a profit before it will allow someone to win an auction. This is purely my opinion and does not make it true. To further help you to understand where this fear of mine comes from read the FAQ section on the Price Shuffle website this page can be found by going to

The question: Is This Site Playing Fair?
The Answer:YES! Unlike many other auction sites, we do not use any automated programs to bid on our auctions. Employees and family members are also not permitted to bid on any of our auctions.

Price Shuffle Terms and Conditions

I want people to get into the habit of at least skimming through the terms and conditions before they sign up for anything the terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the website before you hand over your money/credit card to Price Shuffle be sure to read the fine print. There is another penny auction site called and allot of people lost $179 there . That being said unlike some of the other Penny Auction websites Price Shuffle wants your credit card upfront. Usually penny auction websites will give you some free credits and then after those free credits are done they will give you a message saying if you want to bid some more buy more credits. Price Shuffle wants your credit card information upfront. This looks fishy to me plus like i said above i am hearing stories from people who were charged $149.75 once they signed up. If this is true this is terrible.

Understanding Non Refundable Credits

Penny auction websites make their money through non refundable credits. Once you give the penny auction website your money it is gone. Your money in this instance would now belong to this is how they purchase their goods. This is one of the factors that separates penny auction websites from In eBay only the winner pays for the price of the item at a penny auction website every single bidder pays for the price of the item. This means although somebody might have won a $300 item for $120 the truth of the matter is PriceShuffle might have in fact made $600 because of all the bids placed on the item. and remember credits are non refundable.

Penny Auctions are Time Consuming

My advice if you want to get into penny auctions is make sure you are playing to win Penny auctions are time consuming most people will spend allot more money on bids than they would have had they just bought the item(s) retail. Also be aware of people claiming to be winners most of these people who make these claims work for penny auctions or even they are the owners. Most of the real stories about winners of penny auctions are people who spend the entire day on those websites its one of the reasons some people call penny auctions border line gambling. I will end this post by saying if you want to sign up don’t let me stop you just don’t say i didn’t warn you i wish you all the best.

Update Price Shuffles Price or Hidden Fees

I’m hearing stories about charging peoples credit cards some unexpected fees of $149.75

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