Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sides with White Liberal Protestors, Ignores Indigenous Pipeline Supporters – February 14, 2020,

Do you remember in high school, there were those guys that couldn’t get laid, so what they’d do is they’d become Pot smoking hippies to be more appealing to women? Well, yea, many of these sorts of white men, working in conjunction with white women are protesting pipelines hoping to garner support. Most of the protestors are Liberal White people or adolescent Indigenous people.

That’s how it looks on the ground currently, however, the mainstream media does all it can to find an Indigenous Canadian and then shove a camera in their faces. When one of these pipeline protests pop up in your Canadian city, do yourself a favor and look at their ethnicities and keep a mental note of their genders and possible political affiliations.

Despite the propaganda being spewed by Canada’s mainstream media, Indigenous people like to make money and have high paying jobs too. The Government of Canada, regardless of the political Party affiliations really hasn’t been good to Canada’s Indigenous, although most of Canada’s Indigenous would side with Political Left, don’t let that trick you into thinking that they don’t want to be compensated and whether Nanny State big government public sector supporters want to admit it or not, the Private Sector does a far better job compensating the Indigenous than does the Government of Canada.

Furthermore, Canadian oil is moral, there’s an actual negotiation process, in Canada we put the environment first and a large chunk of the profits end financing the public sectors of the country. As I’ve stated in other posts, people forget who some of the Trudeaus friends are.

Justin Trudeau targets billionaires, tech moguls at secretive Sun Valley conference – CBC

As an investor, I know what’s going on here and I’ve started it several times, in my opinion, Trudeau has to make it seem like he’s pro-pipelines and the only reason pipelines aren’t being built is external, Trudeau is trying to deflect the blame, consider reading the articles, what do you think all of this stuff isn’t orchestrated from a central authority? You’re not that naive, are you? Indigenous protests, real indigenous protests are in your face, the media doesn’t have to present a narrative, the media would simply let the camera’s role.

No quick fix to pipeline protests, Trudeau says, as rail links severed |

Now, I’ll also say, that, I understand the process of these mini protests, what they’re trying to do is recruit more people to protest for FREE, because as you know typically with these protests there are a few people who are financed by a central authority and these people are able to recruit others who recruit others and so on and so on. I was young once and I know how these protests are often manufactured, real protestors, tend not to have signs, real protestors come to a protest already angry and already passionate and real protests usually revolve around cost f living increases or social justice.

There are no coal-derived smokestacks, there is no unethical oil, there’s no pouching or murdering of whales, what’s there is, is there’s a concerted effort by foreign entities to make sure Canada is not a player in the Oil market. Canada is and can be a very disruptive player in Global oil sales if Alberta is allowed to build these pipelines, now, I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a huge fan of pipelines, but I have to tell the facts as I know them to be.

No quick fix to pipeline protests, Trudeau says, as rail links severed |

Now, you’ll notice that so far the mainstream media has avoided bringing cameras to these blockades, well, what I will say is don’t be surprised if the mainstream media magically brings cameras once an actual band of Indigenous protestors shows up. These staged protests, after all, is nothing but a negotiation tactic to drive up costs. Foreign interest groups have to create an atmosphere in Canada, that building a pipeline isn’t worth the investment. So these foreign entities will invest in protestors!

Anyway, this is isn’t worth any more of my time because unlike myself, I voted for Maxime Bernier, the Canadian public voted for primarily Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh, Yves-François Blanchet, and Justin Trudeau.

If you voted for any one of the aforementioned morons you deserve everything that’s headed your way! Yeah, I get it you’re pro-free-market when it serves your interests! I get it! Not me!

Interesting times ahead!