Private Health Care Please Is Canada Finally Growing Up? Bill 124 limits wage increases for public-sector workers, which include Ontario Nurses, An Alternative To Universal Health Care is needed – February 2, 2022,

If we’re to be honest, Universal Health Care is rather childish, it’s lazy, and it’s not market-friendly. Nurses in Ontario are currently fighting Bill 124 which limits wage increases for public-sector workers, yes your read that correctly, health care workers in Canada are considered public sector workers, why? Because Pierre Trudeau a communist sympathizer thought it was a good idea at the time and Canadians agreed with him, so here we are.

Anyway, Canada has a lot of distortions in the economy due to government interventions. These economic distortions of course work until they don’t. Wage-earners in Canada are getting screwed, why? Because the Canadian government is too big to fail, why is the Canadian government too big, because we’ve ended the debate on certain topics. There is no debate regarding universal health care anymore, Canadians hold their heads up high knowing that they rarely if ever have to pay an out-of-pocket expense when they go into a hospital.

Health care insurance? those words sound offensive to most Canadians, Democratic Socialist Jagmeet Singh wants dental to be included in Universal Health Care? a few years ago I paid about $2000 to pull out my 4 wisdom teeth, I thought it was fair, I was able to haggle with the dentist, who has expenses to pay for, but for a 30-minute job he got $2000 plus taxes to pay his staff, and the pain in my mouth was gone. He’s one of the best dentists in Toronto and he deserves to be paid for what he does.

Now, had my dental been under the universal health care system, I would have to wait in line, behind some welfare person, who doesn’t work or contribute anything to this country. When I was a wage earner, I had dental insurance, my dental insurance place was the best in my family at the time and I have nurses in my family, I worked with Sheet metal in my prior life, hard workers are hard to find in that industry so they gave us perks, I had the top of the line dental insurance and I loved it.

Now even at that time if I didn’t get free dental, I wouldn’t have purchased the insurance, why? Because cleanings are that expensive I brush my teeth daily, I don’t get punched in the mouth that often, so why would I buy dental insurance, when I’m not going to use it. If I need to see a dentist, I pay for it out of pocket.

With Canada’s universal health care services, you have people who contribute NOTHING to the economy draining our health care system of its resources. There’s no logical way for Doug Ford to deal with welfare leeches in Ontario, Doug Ford can raise taxes, but you see not only is that unpopular with voters but with existing minimum wage laws low-skilled higher-paying manufacturing jobs have already left.

You see labor unions state that if you can’t afford to pay the union wage you don’t deserve to be in business and therefore a lot of manufacturing jobs that used to pay taxes don’t exist in Canada anymore and this allows the welfare leeches in Ontario to flourish, which puts provinces like Ontario in a tough spot, because if Doug Ford raises taxes, it’s not like Public Sector workers are going to stop demanding pay hikes, public sector workers always want more money.

The free market solves this problem because if the nurses wanted a pay raise they’d leave their employer and go to an employer that pays them more, but under this universal health care system which makes nurses public sector workers, nurses negotiate with their ONLY employer the government. This is one of those topics in which you either understand the dilemma or you don’t. Now I’m sure some Left-wing Liberal or NDP politician is going to see this as an opportunity to sell these nurses on false hopes, but the truth of the matter is if nurses get a pay raise, more nurses are going to get FIRED! Because hospitals as an example are given a budget, and they once the money is gone, they have to go back to the government for more money, which then warrants a government audit.

In America, a lot of wealthy people have private nurses, in countries like Singapore, middle-class people often have housemaids, why? Because there’s no minimum wage. Universal health care limits your options, it’s really a silly backward system, that no longer gets talked about because Canadians only know of the horror stories in America.

My family in America love their private health insurance, they consider our system silly, but they wouldn’t dare say it aloud, to people other than me, because they don’t want to offend us, Canada isn’t their country, it’s ours and it’s not their place to tell us how to govern ourselves. Now, of course, there are left-wing Americans who idolize our health care system, but they don’t want to live here, they merely want to have conversations with people who think the way they think. Poor people in America get shot all the time, notice how you don’t hear about these minority groups complaining about their health care costs? I’ll leave this topic alone until Canadians are ready to have a grown-up conversation about the obvious flaws in universal health care


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Interesting times ahead!