Review – Is it a scam? is a website from Google’s subsidiary, Slide. It’s a hub for those who are seeking solutions for a problem or project and for those who’d like to earn extra bucks from contests.

How works

To get started at, you need to sign up either with the use of your facebook/twitter account or by registering your e-mail address.

Those who are seeking help for a problem or project can find solution from the members by creating a contest and offering a certain prize amount for the winner. The contest creator can share this in social media sites like facebook and twitter.

In order to create a contest, the creator must first purchase prize credits that cost $1.00 each.

Creating a contest

In creating a contest in, one must clearly state what he is looking for in each entry, the prize for the chosen winner, and the duration of the contest.

The creators can prolong their contests especially if they feel they haven’t found the solution to their problem. This can be done at an added charge. However, for contests that have received less than 5 submissions or less than 20 votes, this can be done free of charge. has this thing called Blind contests wherein only the creator can see the submissions. According to the site, this is to prevent contestants from copying other people’s entries.

Joining and winning contests

Only one entry is allowed per person though this can be edited after its submission.

If the contest creator doesn’t choose a winner, the entry with the most number of votes wins. Prize amount can be requested via PayPal but one needs 5 Prize credits in order to cash out.

Final thought on

If you have extra money to spare and in dire need of solution to a problem, can be a great site for finding solutions. This is also a good site for individuals to share their expertise or knowledge on a certain field.

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