Profit Lance Scam

Sadly it seems as though the profit lance membership site has been shut down. I learned quite a few skills from the profit lance membership program which enabled me to work from home full time. But the problem with Profit Lance was the fact that it didn’t have any membership fees. My guess is that the bills started piling up and that was the end of that. I’m sure many of you read lots of good things about Profit Lance most of the positive feedback Profit Lance received was true at the time but the internet has evolved and most of the valid information that Profit Lance had is now old news

Profit Lance information is now outdated

For example at one time Profit Lance was helping a lot of people to make money with Myspace, well now Facebook has replaced Myspace, profit lance also had a lot of useful information about how to backlink but that information is not as relevant now as it once was. What more for me to say now but that the Profit Lance days seem to be over.  For the record the date in which i’m writing this November 2011 so depending on when you reading this things may have changed. I would like to point out that if Profit Lance get’s a new owner after this post goes live there’s absolutely no telling if will emerge as a scam site.

Final thoughts on Profit Lance

It was a good site while it lasted but it’s time in the sun is over. I was a huge promoter of Profit Lance in the past because of it’s inexpensive price and the information it provided to people with no up-sells. That being said i’m not sure what form it might take on next. If a new owner takes over Profit Lance join at your own risk.

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