If you are promoting profit pal products I highly recommend using pay per click marketing. Profit Pal has an excellent system setup for affiliate marketers and targeting the right keywords can mean huge bucks for any affiliate.

How does Profit Pal Work?

The same way click bank works except they promote only their own products which have been known to convert very well especially in Pay per Click if you target your words right.

What Way You Should not promote Profit Pal Products?

I would highly advise not using your own website to promote Profit Pal products and also stay away from reviewing them on your own website, if you choose this method make sure you protect your private information good idea to buy your domain name from name cheap Also if you are going to review a profit pal product I recommend you do it on top level article directory or blog. Customers can cancel orders and get refunds within the cancel period, Profit Pal works with clickbank and as we know all clickbank products can be refunded within 60 days Profit Pal is a top vendor with clickbank.

The smart way to promote Profit Pal products is in the Pay Per click marketing field. I would not take their advice when it comes to the keywords to select. Because vendors look at everything in terms of driving the MOST traffic to their websites not driving the most TARGETED traffic to their websites.

Understanding Profit Pal Products

Profit Pal sets up all their products to the bottom line, and make excellent layouts for their sales pages. If you can imagine there web pages from the eyes of customer under the right search term you can clearly see the potential. Curiosity alone with web pages like will usually turn into a sale if you target the search term correctly. When I say target the search term correctly think about your customer when he or she is in the mind frame to buy and nothing will stop them from at least trying a product you have to put your mind there to understand how people make money from Pay Per Click marketing.

On the topic of pay per click marketing the only thing I would say you have to worry about with a company like this is the possibility of the Google slap it hasn’t happened yet but it might so keep a watchful eye when using Adwords.

What is the Google slap? The Google slaps drives up the price of your pay per click campaign, sometimes asking as much as $12USD per click, which most small vendors like me cannot afford to pay. Secondly, they may reduce your page ranking (PR), which means you have to pay more to have your ads featured through Adwords. I’ve heard many horror stories about that. So if you are not seeing results through campaign on certain keyword types pull the plug.

Final thoughts on Profit Pal

Profit Pal is a good company to use if you can drive targeted traffic to their websites. Their pages are created to help you get the sale.

If you’re having trouble getting sales in affiliate marketing I highly recommend that you visit the rich home based business and watch those free videos. In my personal opinion it’s a much better idea to automate your online business instead of running around the internet build back links trying to get a few sales.