Profits4u Scam

I am mainly writing this article because this person whom ever it is has been spamming my email address. Now i’m not sure if Profits4u is a scam but i will tell you there a place where you can get this things that are being sold by Profits4u all for one low monthly price.

Instead of purchasing retail you can buy wholesale ad online digital wholesale products are sold unlimited meaning you can download unlimited products for one low monthly fee visit Master Resell Rights if your wondering if its the same products that are being sold at Profits4u remember that when you own or have resell rights to some products you call them whatever you want. Now i’m not saying that this is source all i’m saying is that some of the products i saw on his page look very familiar.

A good tool to use with Master Resell Rights is place called Profit Lance. Learn affiliate marketing online and online pay one time. That’s how I like it stop worrying about buying the next hot product worry about promoting it join Profit Lance today

To whomever is spamming my email address  stop doing it its not cool at all and your wasting your time by doing it.