Well as the saying goes if you can’t beat em then join em. If something about this website seemed a bit fishy to you, you werent the only one in fact what triggered me to notice was some of those familiar pictures you see on all those scam webpages. With this particular website or landing page as us affiliates like to call it he gets your email address so he can stay in contact with you and then he brings to his review page with a title that currently reads “Free Money making Formula”

The two programs listed in his list are both known scams. “Google Money Kit” as he calls it his a huge one that has been ripping off people from the beginning of 2008 when i started noticing them. How it works is they make it seem like they will give you a job to post links on google then once they get your credit card information in about a week or so they slap with all types of fees.

Many times when people see these fees and call to cancel the phone numbers do not work or they charge the person anyone. My suggestion if you fell victim to this fraud is to report your credit card stolen because these companies milk your credit even when you cancel sometimes they still take money out. What they’ve been known to his pass your credit card around to different companies with simular products. Also this is usually laid out in the terms and conditions also known as the fine print.

Most people in there excitement forget to read the terms and conditions and what winds up happening is now the consent to it so the company now has a legal right to take money out of the person(s) account(s) Many have requested that the government crack down on these frauds. But i don’t see how? What i recommend is people start reading before they start buying. It’s always important you read as well as research before you buy.

Also on he has the Ebay “Auction Success Kit” which is similar to the one i just mentioned they lure you in with the trial offer then charge your credit card and pass around your credit card to different companies. It’s all the same type of companies with a different name.

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