Review – Is it a scam?

Profit Sourcery which you can find at claims to be the first UK sourcing tool that can benefit people who want to make money by selling products on Amazon. The goal of this tool is to help people make money in Amazon and take advantage of the business model called arbitrage. Arbitrage is simply taking advantage of the price difference of the products in the market.

More about Profit Sourcery

According to their website, the best way to earn from this industry is to find the best products to sell in Amazon. These products are those that sell well and at the same time, offer a goof profit margin. The only problem with this is that will take some time to go through thousands of products in Amazon. This is where the Profit Sourcery tool becomes helpful.

Profit Sourcery is a software that will go through thousands of products in Amazon and will provide you with a list of those items from the best selling list that you can sell for a good profit. It claims to enlist items with a profit margin of at least $15. You will be provided with two links for each item – one is from Amazon and one from another retailer that offers the product at a cheaper price.

Final thoughts on would suit you if you’re someone who is interested in making money by selling products in Amazon. However, you need to know that this tool is not free. You have to prepare to pay a monthly fee of $57 to $97 depending on the number of opportunities you’d like to access per day. The fee also depends on the average profit margin per opportunity.

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