Review – Is it a scam?

Profit with Michael of is among the growing number of work-at-home opportunities. The person behind this claims that he can teach anyone how to make tons of money simply by working within the comfort of one’s home. He further claimed that one doesn’t need to have prior experience to do this; all it takes are computer and internet connection. The opportunity being offered doesn’t involve stock market trading, real estate, or investing in anything.

More about Profit with Michael

According to him, there are only three things you need to check on before signing up in a work-at-home opportunity: proof, ethics (is it legal?), and information. The person behind this claimed that the business opportunity he is offering has all three. For a proof, he showed his bank account and car. He claimed that they do not break rules for this work-at-home opportunity; he claimed that this business is ethical. And lastly, he gives out information for free.

The information he is giving out isn’t really free. You are required to pay for a hosting fee and though he claimed that the money won’t be for him, it’s still not safe to entrust your credit card details to an opportunity with missing information. The information on how you could earn money from it isn’t even specified in the website.

Final thoughts on

There are perks in working at home. However, you shouldn’t readily sign up in an opportunity just because the webpage says it’s free. You better dig in for more information and find out why it is being offered for free (or is it really free?). As with, it seems that the claim of being free isn’t true at all. As a rule of thumb, you should never provide your credit card details for an opportunity that you aren’t sure of.

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