Progressive Conservative Tim Houston Instead of Being Direct and telling the truth that Minimum Wages are STUPID, decided to get creative and later apologized – November 5, 2021,

Being a “Progressive” Conservative in the sphere of politics makes you a walking contradiction because being “Progressive” in politics equates to being Left-Leaning.  Left-Wingers have are imagined to be the kind and loving political Party and the Conservatives are imagined to be mean spirited Party and therefore, someone came up with the idea of giving Conservatives the label of “Progressive Conservatives”? Yeah, sure whatever, Tim Houston who clearly knows the damaging effects of the minimum wage law, tried to get creative during a speech and said the wrong thing.

If you hate school which a lot of people do, you like the idea of ENTRY LEVEL jobs, because prior to all of these Left Wing ideas, entry-level jobs got you the experience to get a high paying job, that’s how free markets work. Now, let’s be fair to the Left Wingers for a moment, people do get injured at entry-level jobs that could limit their earning potential in the future and I do believe that all employers should enforce government SAFETY guidelines in the workplace, but that regulation isn’t price-fixing, there are regulations in the labor market I agree with, but price-fixing is stupid, it’s how Canada helped to rebuild China.

We are now reliant on China, primarily because of the minimum wage law. China manipulates its currency and obviously has far fewer regulations on its employers, now, most employers are fine with the government enforcing SAFETY regulations, but then you start adding in social justice regulations, wage regulation, carbon tax energy regulations, etc. then it becomes unprofitable to make, manufacture and even service things in Canada.

If we’re to be honest after safety regulations, why does anyone in Canada need a labour union? Oh oh, I know the answer, to manipulate prices in the marketplace. Tim Houston understands this, most Conservative Politicians understand that price controls(wages are prices) are bad for the domestic economy, but there’s a lack of financial education in our school systems, and because of this lack of financial education, whether it be rental controls that drive up rent prices for Consumers or wage-price controls that drive up prices consumers, price controls help to grow dependence on the government.

People forget politicians don’t make anything, they make speeches, pass laws, and disrupt the marketplace, that’s all politicians do. When that business goes out of business and it’s not replaced, it’s not being replaced, because the cost of doing business is TOO HIGH! If the barrier to entry is too high, fewer entrepreneurs will be interested in starting certain businesses. The barrier is too high for most employers to start manufacturing businesses in Canada.

Consumers prefer lower prices and if a company can’t make a profit because the minimum wages are high because of an arbitrary number created by labour union groups who exist to keep competition out of their industry, because cheaper competition, could put their union at risk, well then you have a compounding effect because private companies when analyzing a region will factor in demographics as well as the political climate.

If an area appears to be extremely Left-Wing, most businesses will avoid that area like the plague. Because Left-Wing ideologues blame the Private Sector for everything and most people in Left-Wing districts are heavily dependent on Government welfare, this all by the way stems from Minimum wages. In Singapore as an example, almost everyone works, because there is no minimum wage, when everyone works, the government COLLECTS more taxes. Now, I’m not calling for Canada to be more like Singapore, but anyone with common sense knows that minimum wages give people an excuse not to work, because minimum wages KILL ENTRY LEVEL JOBS.

One of the dumbest problems I hear about in Canada is a child tax credit, in Singapore most people have a MAID because there’s no minimum wage, and being a maid especially in a country like Canada in which workers do have rights could actually be a great alternative to being on Provincial UBI also known as Provincial Welfare. That’s an example of an entry-level job, that’s basically been abolished in Canada for middle-class EMPLOYERS, because of minimum wages, who in their right mind wants to send their child to daycare, when they could hire a babysitter or full-time maid or might do both to DEMAND more money?

Being a maid is almost a WORK FROM HOME job. It’s a sweet deal if you get a good employer, the ideal situation for most maids is a live-in job with their own quarters, do you know how much money a person can save doing that job, no gas, no rent, no energy costs, room, and board paid for and you get a paycheck. If it never occurred to you how a sweet a gig being a maid could be, it’s probably because you’ve been brainwashed by Labor unions and your Left-Wing Governments.

Now, if you listen to Tim Houston, and have some basic financial education, you’ll know what he meant, but most Canadians have no financial education and have been taught that all white men are racist. So Tim Houston being the Progressive Conservative he is had to retract his statements because his audience is for the most part is financially illiterate.

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interesting times ahead!