Review Is It a Scam

Project Pay Day Review

Project Pay Day Scam?

I remember seeing Project Pay Day for the first time and at first glance thinking it was a way to make money from Pay Day Loans online. At the time I was in school taking a course to becoming a loan officer. I was excited then I read further and the more I read the more Project Pay Day was beginning to sound like Send Earnings only faster payments. I immediately caught onto the concept and began Promoting Project Pay Day.

Is Project pay day legitimate? Is Project Pay Day Legit?

You better believe it is. Project Pay Day is very legitimate. I have over 80 pay stubs to prove it. Project Pay Day also pays weekly and I know of no other freebie program that has this many FREE ways to get paid.

Project Pay Day Referrals. Can I get paid for Referring people to project payday?

yes you can and this only one of the ways you can get paid from project pay day, When you join project pay day you automatically become a project pay day affiliate you can refer people from the united States and if they sign up you can make a commission. The commission won’t make you rich but you can make money.

Project Pay Day Proof

Hmm. I have a bunch of Project Pay Day pay stubs here with me as I am writing this post and luckily I found some checks that I had scanned to show cousin who called project pay day a scam initially. I tend not to want floss checks online because people tend not to believe you anyway. I always tell people when you are ready to make money online the money is here waiting for you. Any way below is some checks I had scanned you can call it my proof.

I tend to get paid weekly or bi-weekly from project payday some weeks are

project payday proof

project payday proof

slow some are fast. It’s never been enough for me to live off of but hey a check is a check. In Project Pay Days defense apart from click bank they send me the most checks in a month.

Project PayDay Review

Project PayDay Proof

Project Pay Day Complaints

All I can say is no company is perfect, the most common complaint I’ve hear was people saying project pay day sent me spam emails? I don’t know I’ve never had any problems with project pay day they pay me on time they even call me and have given me free techniques that I use to today that make me thousands per month.

About Project Pay Day What is it?

Yea I probably should have started this post about what exactly project pay day is but hey I’m blogging here! The best way I can explain Project pay day is getting paid to shop. After you’ve done enough shopping you jump onto method 2 and from there project pay day becomes allot easier.

What separates Project pay day from the competition is the ability to make money from referrals, no other freebie company that I know of has been willing to take that sort of risk. This is the one major reason why I recommend Project Pay Day over any other freebie company. If you were to type in “freebie Script” into Google you would see how easy it is to get a freebie site up and running for about $1000 bucks. Maintaining a freebie website paying people etc. is a different story and that’s another reason why Project pay Day remains tops on my list for freebies (paid to shop online) websites.

There are other freebie sites online but most want you to buy into a monthly paid subscription plan. To me this defeats the point in “FREEBIES” as well as I have found other freebie sites take longer to pay me.

Project Pay Day Is the Real Deal

i recommend project pay day to anyone who wants to make money now and today, I know of no other company that doesn’t require you to refer anybody that pays this fast. As well I find project pay day to be very educational in terms of how money is made online. If you read the tutorials and apply yourself you can make lots of money from project pay day

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