The Truth About Project Payday No Gimmicks Want Real Cash Learn How

When writing my articles i don’t speak in terms of what if? or you might be able to make such and such amount of money, or if you pay and sign up here you are guaranteed to make $5000 a month. I give raw detail. Is Project PayDay a scam absolutely not. Will project pay day make you a millionaire absolutely not.

What is Project PayDay? The Truth

Project Payday is basically getting paid to shop online, with bonuses THAT’S IT! before project payday came around there all types of people requesting this service left right and center. The worst part was the scammers “like they always do” we’re capitalizing off this. by making people pay to find information on services that “might” be hiring secret shoppers. Which by the way is not something you or anyone can make allot of money doing. So Then one day Project PayDay comes along and everything changes. People call it “freebies” but it should be called paid to shop online. Because that’s what you’ll be doing.

Some more Raw facts about project pay day is that anyone can create this business, If they have access to a CPA program or CPA(cost per action) network. What the smart staff of project payday did was they put 2 and 2 together and bam now they have an unstoppable dynamo. I’m letting the world know now. Project pay day is going NO WHERE. Its a company that is already in the future of online business, i’ve been online a longtime, trust me when i say project payday is a tree that’s roots will go deep into the online beta earth. Anything that will pop up online can be capitalized by project payday. Furthermore allot of these online programs you see today are going down and it’s going to be sudden.

Where did the idea of Project Pay Day being Scam come from?

Haha! now that’s a good question… Blame that one mostly on the “Wealthy Affiliate” members which is an area of affiliate marketing which is heading for a down turn. Now there was a time when wealthy affiliate members who ofcourse just wanted to get there wealthy affiliate membership fee paid for were calling anything and everything a scam. But… Karma is now returning the favor. Wealthy Affiliate is a membership site and it’s mostly information based.  The internet is now moving from a new born baby into its early teens stages.

what does this mean?

It means information based sites that require a monthly fee or a large upfront cost are becoming obsolete. Wealthy Affiliate if they don’t come up with something can prevent extinction but if they continue on this path lets just say we’ll see. Another entity that wanted project pay day gone was the mere fact project pay day is United States based. if your not a U.S resident you can not participate. Like it or not some people will create smear campaigns just because they can’t join.

Why I Like Project Pay Day

It’s the rare company where you can make money without spending any money, plus they give you an in depth look into affiliate marketing from a whole new perspective. Any person claiming project pay day is a scam or telling you not to join is a person who is trying to get you to join there company or a company they will refer you to, which you probably won’t make any money from so watch out.

Another FACT is people make REAL money from Project Payday there’s no what if’s or we will pay you when your account reaches a $100 or we’ll pay you when you recruit 5 – 10 people Project Pay Day pays and they have a system for any type internet user that wants to make money online.

In closing

If you want to make real money online i recommend trying Project Pay Day you learn allot and can make allot and this is a company that will be around as long as they want to be.

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