Project Weight Loss of is a website specifically designed for health enthusiasts and for people struggling with weight loss. It offers tons of helpful information and resources to help one in losing weight. Considered as a good supplement for your existing diet plan, be it from a popular weight loss program or just a self-made healthy meal plan, Project Weight Loss has tools to help you stay motivated in achieving your weight loss goals.

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The good thing about Project Weight Loss is that signing up in it is totally free. By becoming a member, users can access its tools and other community support resources to help them achieve their ideal weight. Some of the tools found in the website include the meal planner tool for helping you plan out your meals, calorie calculator to help you keep track of the calories consumed per day, and with its food database, you can check out the calorie and nutrient value of certain food items. Project Weight Loss allows you to create healthy meals using its meal planner and share it to other users by saving it in your eCookbook.

To determine the number of calories you burned through exercise and daily activities, the website provides users with the activity calculator. It also has the workout planner to help you create an exercise regimen that would suit your needs and a BMI calculator to help you find your ideal weight and how close you are to achieving it.

Final thoughts on is a good website to sign up with especially if you are currently on a special diet program or even in a self-made healthy meal plan. It provides a wide range of community support tools that are not just limited to its diet and fitness-related ones. By signing up, you also get to exchange ideas and stories with other members through articles, blogs, and forums. It can be likened to a social network site, only that it is dedicated for people who wanted to lose weight. The best thing about it is perhaps having it for FREE.

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