The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Prolonged Higher Gas Prices Could Trigger a Wave of Bankruptcies in Canada: Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Taxes and Other Big Government Regulations could spark DEFAULTS during a ZIRP environment – February 9, 2022,

I was reading a CBC article regarding the recent surge in Gas Prices, nowhere in the article did the writer Stephanie Dubois mention Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau’s role in these higher gas prices. If you’re pro-green energy and you’d like to see fossil fuels phased out, a lot of honesty goes a long way. The real reason gas prices are up, has to do with the regulatory environment created by both Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden.

Joe Biden scrapped the pipeline and has also decided to go to war with the U.S and Canadian oil. Justin Trudeau has been at war with Canadian oil and gas since coming into power. During the reign of Donald Trump, he cut regulations on oil and gas which resulted in lower energy prices, Biden has done the exact opposite, signing a record number of executive orders many of which resulted in regulations that make the COST of doing business more expensive for businesses, which means that consumer will be paying higher prices moving forward.

Both Canada and the United States have the ability to be energy independent, the problem is of course politics, making matters worse in Canada are Justin Trudeau’s policies regarding Covid-19 mandates, Justin Trudeau has been unclear as to his end date for FEDERAL mandates. Recently some provinces have announced when they will end Covid-19 mandates, but Federally, Justin Trudeau has become even more tyrannical while most Federal world leaders are now cutting their regulations.

In the article I point to below, you’ll notice that Stephanie Dubois focuses on what’s happening in other countries, so I again remind the reader that higher gas prices in North America are a domestic problem, Canada has the ability to be energy self-sufficient, we’ve chosen not to be, because the politics of the day, prefer energy reliance on foreign countries.

Instead of spreading lies, these writers need to start championing the causes they voted for. The article below is why a lot of Canadians do not trust the mainstream media. The piece below reads like pure propaganda if you know the root cause of the problem. Canada isn’t Japan, Japan as we know is reliant on Nuclear power because it isn’t rich in natural resources, Canada is very rich in natural resources, our politicians have made the decision that we shouldn’t use them.

Now, if these regulatory policies by Justin Trudeau are popular, the media would have no problem explaining to Canadians that we should pay more to “save the planet”, but because not only are these policies not popular in Canada, Canadians are helping to prop up dictators, these writers want to create a narrative that makes it appear as though Canada is powerless to stop the potential Russian invasion.

This Russian invasion is a thing because both Canada and the United States via energy policies have handed the Russians, the Iranians, OPEC countries, and China the energy markets on a silver platter. That’s why the price of gas keeps going up in most provinces. All that money being wasted could have been used to pay down debts back home, instead, Canada is fastly approaching higher bankruptcy rates.

A dire warning for the people in charge, higher ENERGY prices if prolonged will soon start to result in bankruptcies accelerating and I have to remind the reader that interest rates are already near zero percent, meaning that debt servicing is as low as it can be and still yet there are debt servicing problems? What does this mean ultimately? Well, it looks like a recession and depression, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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