Review – Is it a scam?

Established in 2004, Prosper of is a business training company that provides customized education programs. These programs are specifically designed to provide you with knowledge, skills, and accountability to reach your goals – be it to start a business, diversify your income, and even in eliminating debt. Membership is by invitation only. During the initial sales consultation, your goals, commitment, and eligibility to join the program will be evaluated.

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Every successful enrollee of the program will have an education tailored for their strengths and weaknesses. Each one will have a personal mentor to help them achieve their goals. The company partners with some of the most respected and well-recognized business gurus like Robert G. Allen, Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux, Ken Blanchard, Stephen Cooper, John Cummuta, and many others.

Prosper Inc. has programs on the following areas: eCommerce, Entrepreneurship, Forex, Personal Development, Personal Finance, Real Estate, and Stock Market.

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With its structure, claims, and promises of success, Prosper Inc. of could pass a legit company to whoever comes across their page. However, there were complaints filed against this company, claiming that they have invested 10 grand only to be dissatisfied with the coaching services of Prosper. Also, there have been complaints on the company’s poor customer service.

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