Protecting Pedophiles: LGBTQ2 community members and advocates claim hate crimes, threats and protests for them growing in Canada, accusations of pedophilia and “grooming” children – January 09, 2023,



If I’m to be honest, I didn’t have an opinion about transexuals or the LGBTQ2 community until I started to see drag shows in PUBLIC SCHOOLS making the rounds in the mainstream news media. I personally don’t care what people do in their PRIVATE time; as long as you’re not breaking any laws, it’s none of my business what you do.

But when you start to promote your ideology in PUBLIC SCHOOLS, that’s when people like myself pull our children out of the public education system and go as far as considering moving out of a province or a country because that is not fair if the LGBTQ2 community wants to be taken seriously, we have to talk about why strippers, bikini models and other forms of ENTERTAINMENT are not acceptable in public schools.


Parents who want this sort of thing should be free to attend drag shows in their private time; in fact, history has shown that children tend to rebel against their parents anyway, so if the angle LGBTQ2 is trying to play is that they’re trying to give children an open mind, push their agenda in the private sector.

As many of us are aware, a lot of cartoon animators are part of the LGBTQ2 community, which is why you’re seeing a lot of LGBTQ2 scenes in a lot of children’s programming nowadays. Some parents are okay with that sort of thing, and other parents aren’t. What the LGBTQ2 community is attempting to do is BULLY the at-risk public into accepting their agenda by using the Federal, provincial and municipal governments into PROTECTING their agenda.

Why this is problematic is that now the LGBTQ2 community as allowing themselves to PROTECT Pedophiles because even if some of these LGBTQ2 are genuinely good people, not all humans ARE good people; some humans will use every and any law to rape children. The main issue with the LGBTQ2 community is true that they’re trying to make themselves some sort of PROTECTED class for CRIMINALS. Whether they’re doing this intentionally or not is unclear.

One of the mistakes the Black community made was that by attempting to make themselves a protected class in the developed world, this “protection” from ridiculement allowed their CRIMINAL elements to FLOURISH. Black people are often playing a balancing act, as they shine a light on white crimes on blacks while completely ignoring black-on-black crime.

If you’re not black, you’re NOT allowed to speak on black-on-black crime, and if you do, you’re considered a racist, so most non-black people don’t talk about black-on-black crime; for many of us, we worry that the LGBTQ2 community is allowing criminal elements to roam free amongst them. You will often find massive COMMUNITY support from black people who support black criminals, completely ignoring the VICTIMS of these criminals.

In order to remain consistent, black community members are forced to play this BALANCING act, fighting to make the mainstream public sympathetic to their victims and CRIMINALS. When you create a culture in which victims and criminals are treated equally, you can’t blame young people for embracing CRIMINAL behavior.

I like to point out that crime rates in a lot of predominantly black nations are rather low; yes, poverty is a huge problem in most majority-black nations. Still, criminality appears problematic primarily in developed countries in which certain groups of black people want to be considered a PROTECTED class.

When the government makes a law, problems don’t magically go away, and criminals often know the laws firsthand and therefore know how to get around those laws. There are Canadians who had their family member or friends murdered in cold blood only to find out that the killer is walking free in less than 25 years.

The laws on the books for Pedophiles are still relatively lenient, and some groups want to make Pedophiles a protected class, and some people are trying to make Pedophiles appear to be victims themselves. The LGBTQ2 community whether they want to admit it or not, are putting children at risk. Now, if LGBTQ2 community members are fine with that, that’s on them. However, the rest of us are going to use the same LEGAL rights the LGBTQ2 community has to push back on what some of us consider government overreach.

Again if you like the LGBTQ2 agenda, you should be free to groom your own children in any way you please, but leave the rest of us alone and stop going after the most vulnerable Canadians who don’t have the money or resources to protect their children from potential groomers. Parents are RIGHTFULLY protective of their children, and as a society, we all need to protect the poor from the rich and powerful who are trying to FORCE their agenda on the rest of us.

We live in a voluntaristic society; if you like the LGBTQ2 agenda, you’re free to embrace it; I also think that LGBTQ2 should be free to push their agenda in the private sector. I’m the type of person that still thinks social media can engage in partisanship; I also believe that private media can be biased; what I don’t believe in are PUBLIC institutions forcing an agenda on the poor.

Even if a person is wrong for linking Pedophiles with the modern LGBTQ2, they’re not breaking any laws; they have an opinion if a man in a dress wants to go into a woman’s bathroom with children. Am I wrong as the parent being concerned for my daughter’s safety? How am I supposed to know this is one of the good transexuals? Criminals use any means at their disposal to take advantage of certain situations.

The government is not perfect, and the police or law enforcement show up AFTER the crime is committed, not before. My problem is the LGBTQ2 community forcing us to accept their LGBTQ2 agenda; that’s unacceptable; society flourished when we separated church from State; we don’t want the State to be the new Church!

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Interesting times ahead!