Review Is it a Scam

Well this morning possibly like most of you reading this message I was greeted by Profit Siege spam in my email inbox had it not been for that spam I probably would not waste my time writing this blog post. For those of you who don’t know is another Profit Siege website. I’m currently writing this post in 2013 however Profit Siege first came to my attention back in January of 2012. I wasn’t a fan of Profit Siege then and I’m not a fan of it now what bothers me most about this site is they stopped using Clickbank to process payments. no longer using clickbank

Around December of 2012 clickbank made some changes to how it conducts business in the past. Clickbank made these changes in my opinion to make it better and to give customers a better experience. In a nut shell these changes led to higher fees for companies that had high return/refund rates. Well also known as used to use Clickbank to process payments now they’re using a company I’m not familiar with to process payments.

Final thoughts on

Being that I haven’t signed up with in 2013 I can’t call them a scam that being said I won’t call them legit either. I highly recommend reading their terms of service before signing up namely the portion that reads “Return and Refund Policy.” I also recommend calling their customer support number found on their “contact us” page to make sure the number works. Review this information for yourself and allow your own reviews to dictate what you decide to do with your money.

Personally I don’t like or recommend and my reason comes from their up-sell after you make your purchase expect a coaching up-sell somewhere down the line the $47 or $39 price tag is not the only fee they will ask you for so if you think paying them this fee will make all your financial problems go away you might want to think twice.

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