Psychz of is one of those web hosting companies that offer hosting plans for both ends of the market. They have shared hosting plans for those who are looking for basic hosting features while high-end specifications can be found by users in their dedicated server plans. However, the specifications of these hosting plans are not as grand as what one could expect especially with their price tags.

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The shared hosting plans of Psychz don’t offer much value. In fact, their specifications are rated below average with the industry’s standards. While this could be acceptable for cheaper plans in the market, Psychz couldn’t justify these mediocre features as their plans are pricier than what their competitors offer. Its Windows hosting plans offer limited storage space which can be a problem with those who have plans of expanding their website. Their Linux hosting, while considered better than the latter, doesn’t offer that much to help the company rise above the competition.

The dedicated server plans of Psychz are fully managed and come with remote backups and the choice of control panel. Though these plans are better than its shared hosting plans, they still lack the flexibility and scalability that many users are looking for in dedicated server plans. There’s also too little difference to distinguish from one plan to another.

Final thoughts on’s hosting plans may not be as bad as other mediocre companies out there but it doesn’t provide good value for money either. It could have made up for its flaws by coming up with good technical support but even in this aspect, the company fails to impress users.

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