PureLeverage.com Review – Is it a scam?

Pure Leverage, which you could check out at PureLeverage.com, is a website that promotes another work-at-home, money-making opportunity. According to the site’s sales page, you could earn money at home through their system. They added further that their system will allow you to build a money making list and collect 100% commission at the same time by sharing this to others. For you to get access of this offer, you have to provide your email address.

More about Pure Leverage

The marketing system product line of Pure Leverage includes the following:

Elite Coaching Program

Pure Leverage claims that this coaching program will help you learn those marketing techniques that will have your prospects calling you. Plus, it’s a system that will teach you on how to pick up 18 paid signups, how to motivate your team, and how to deal with prospects.

Lead Capture Auto Responder System

Another marketing system of Pure Leverage, this helps you build your list of subscribers, create a copy to attract more prospects and leads, and this system will allow you to track conversion rates and click through rates of your email marketing efforts.

Video Email Service

This is a marketing product of Pure Leverage that will allow you to create videos for your subscribers and prospects. Pure Leverage’s Video Email Service comes with professional custom made video mail templates.

Other marketing products offered by Pure Leverage include the Authority Blog, Turbo Traffic Generation, and Live Meeting Room. All these products could be accessed by the member at a discounted price of $24.95 per month.

Final thoughts on PureLeverage.com

MLM is a legit money-making opportunity. However, you should know that this isn’t for everyone. Before you get into this kind of business opportunity, try looking into similar opportunities first. See if this kind of business suits you.

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