PureNRGfx.com Review – Is it a scam?

Pure NRG fx is a brand which you can check out at PureNRGfx.com. From its sales page, you could see that it’s one of those network marketing brands that’s out in the market. It says that it has partnered with recognizable companies such as Playboy Energy Drink, DRTV commercials, and Mass Appeal Marketing to provide you with a product that you can easily sell wherever you go – from gas stations down to your neighborhood.

More about Pure NRG fx

With the way it works, it’s clear that Pure NRG fx is on the network marketing business, particularly of a multilevel one. This means that you only get to reach the top once you’ve achieved a significant amount of sales and for most multilevel marketing companies, a good number of members or followers.

Product being offered by the company is an energy drink which they claim is something that you can easily sell. There are 3 available registration packs for this: starter pack, super starter pack, and and the platinum club membership pack. All registration packs come with registration, replicated business website and back office, and online customer support and distributor support. Things that differ from one pack to another include the number of cases of Playboy energy drink and some policies concerning pre-qualification and renewal.

Final thoughts on PureNRGfx.com

You can actually earn from multilevel marketing companies. However, you cannot expect to earn as much as those who have already been ahead of you. In most instances, those who have just started with it or those who have just been newly recruited are having a hard time in getting profits from it. If it’s really not your cup of tea, it’s best to skip this and find a more suitable business opportunity.

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