PushButtonMarketer.com Review – Is it a scam?

If you’re an internet marketer and is having a hard time doing several tasks, then you may be interested in a software called Push Button Marketer. The product can be found at PushButtonMarketer.com. Created by people named Eric and Micah, this product is said to automate the tasks that one used to do manually. These tasks are usually those that take time to complete.

More about Push Button Marketer

The tasks that can be automated with the use of this software include handling emails, writing content, checking stats, and building websites. These are just some of the tasks an internet marketer or web entrepreneur has to do on a regular basis.

What many of us have in common is the number of hours we have each day. We only have a specific number of hours each day to do what we need to do. This number is often not enough for those in the internet marketing industry. Hence, software like Push Button Marketer is a great help but the thing is, the creators of this product didn’t specify what it really do.

Final thoughts on PushButtonMarketer.com

Anything that says ‘automated’ should be a red flag for you especially if it doesn’t come with specific details on what it actually does. Push Button Marketer may sound like a dream tool for every internet marketer but then again, you should check out the specifics first before getting it. This is a ClickBank product though so if you end up dissatisfied, you can ask for refund.

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