Pyrrhic victory for Tyrants: Out of FEAR Quebec sees thousands sign up for first shot of COVID-19 vaccine as tax threat looms – January 12, 2022

As one would expect, out of FEAR, people in Quebec showed up to be vaccinated, let’s hope that fear doesn’t turn into resentment, because again, sure a tyrant can spook people into doing things, but do you really want to rule a civil society via fear tactics? When I was growing up, as a young person, I used to have a hard time interpreting why so many old people were angry at the government?

As you get older you start to figure it out, if you’re unaware, Quebec’s tyrannical Provincial government deemed it wise to fire health care professionals that didn’t meet their NEW regulatory requirements, prior to the Covid-19pandemic Quebec had a shortage of medical professionals and after this new round of firing by Provincial leadership, that number has since surged.

In response to their blunder to compound the problem, the Quebec government decided to create a curfew, because apparently covid is more active at night and recently the tyrannical government of Quebec announced that it would tax people who opted to not get vaccinated. Because a lot of people in Quebec are either on welfare, in debt, or close to the poverty line, why take the financial risk? So many have succumbed to the edict and possibly many more, but at what cost? I don’t know?

What I can say is this is a very bad precedence, you have to remember most of the people who wanted to be vaccinated are indeed vaccinated, and vaccinations haven’t led to a slow down in cases? In fact, things have gotten worse since more people decided to get vaccinated, most people have forgotten about herd immunity or the fact that covid for the most part harms mostly the elderly and obese. The virus is politically airborne and the tyrannical governments are trying to frame their arguments as vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated, us vs. them.

There aren’t solutions only trade-offs

Now, that Quebec’s tyrannical governments have targeted pocketbooks, I hope you see how this could affect the economy, as you know when you’re on this blog everything revolves around economics, so, if a person can shrug off the tax, those persons can also potentially shrug off Quebec altogether. Now, Quebec is a unique case in Canada and the America’s for that matter, because some of the residents of Quebec only speak French, but in Ontario, as an example, some of my more wealthy friends left CANADA about a year ago, I only chat with them on WhatsApp or other APPs.

Don’t be confused, they haven’t given up their Canadian citizenship but they’re not in-country, and here’s the kicker, some of them vote Liberal, I have male and female friends, I personally only have a problem with Trudeau when he comes after my freedoms and liberties, if Canadians are dumb enough to bankrupt themselves with Left-Wing policies, go ahead, but you’d be wise to allow people like me to have the liberty to speak when things get really bad because when things get really bad, that’s when crazies like me start making a lot of sense.

Anyway, the rich people I know have a lot of money, so they don’t only laugh at the Canadian government, they laugh at all tyrannical governments, these government responses to covid are a joke to them, but they frame their arguments as this is what Canadians voted for. So from an economics perspective, you already see, how this is a pyrrhic victory? Sure it makes for good headlines “AT THE MOMENT” but you know, I just think Canada is going to have to learn things the hard way and I include myself in that argument, by the way, don’t assume I’m absent from any other Canadian living through this madness!

Quebec sees thousands sign up for first shot of COVID-19 vaccine as tax threat looms |

Interesting times ahead!