Quebec has NOTHING to gain with Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, Why I Believe Justin Trudeau will LOSE the 2021 election – August 15, 2021,

Maxime Bernier actually looks and sounds a lot better speaking French than he does speaking English, furthermore, he understands Quebec and how to speak to Quebecers in a manner they understand.

Non à l’implantation d’un passeport sanitaire! / Say No to the Vaccine Passport! | The Peoples Party of Canada on Youtube

Maxime Bernier isn’t the only problem for Justin Trudeau in the 2021 election, so is the Bloc Québécois and of course the conservative Party. If Justin Trudeau makes zero gains in Quebec, he has to win Ontario BIG. Western Canada I expect to be dominated by the Conservatives and the rest of Canada is a wild card.

Jagmeet Singh and his political career are on the line in the 2021 election and even when the NDP was bankrupt Jagmeet Singh did pretty well. a Minority Conservative Government would catapult Jagmeet Singhs’ political career, had the Late Jack Layton not passed away, it’s uncertain that Justin Trudeau would be the dominant political force he is today.

Although I’m not a fan of the NDP, I don’t consider the NDP to be overtly corporatists, their ideals align more favorably with Democratic Socialism. Socialism resonates with many Canadians, corporatism doesn’t, most Left-leaning people in Canada are well aware of Justin Trudeau’s corruption but vote for him in fear the Conservatives might win, which is why the Conservative Party of Canada has been softening its position to care to the Left in Canada. What this means is, the Left in Canada might take a risk on a coalition government just to take Justin Trudeau off his high horse.

Canadians are united in that they don’t want to be ruled by authoritarians, Pierre Trudeau was smart enough to step down when he noticed the tide was turning, Justin Trudeau has decided to take the more arrogant approach. I assume Justin believes that his vote-buying schemes have worked to secure himself a majority government.

I personally think this is a miscalculation, attempting to buy friendship usually works against you, it’s not like Erin O’Toole if elected is going to scale back the welfare schemes, Erin O’Toole will also want to be re-elected for a second term, The Bloc won’t scale back their welfare demands and the NDP has promised to enhance the Welfare State.

From my understanding, this looks bad for Trudeau and I think the 2021 election is going to catch a lot of people by surprise. Regarding Maxime Bernier, he benefits if either Erin O’Toole or Justin Trudeau wins, Maxime Bernier if he can play the long game has the most to gain. If Erin O’Toole wins, Justin Trudeau’s political career might be over, meaning The NDP may once again be the dominant Leftist Party in Canada, furthermore with the fall of the Liberal Party, this will give Maxime Bernier the opportunity to get the people on the Right to take a chance on the People’s Party of Canada.

If Justin Trudeau wins a majority government, which I don’t see happening, it’s going to stir up the type of resentment never before seen in Canada history. When I go outside, and talk to people, in ONTARIO out of all places, whether Left or Right many of them really hate Justin Trudeau, I’m talking about WORKING CLASS people by the way, not the people on Welfare.

I don’t have too many friends who are reliant on Government money to support themselves. These people that I know however are silent voters, they don’t talk much, you have to drag things out of them, these are the people who don’t show up in online polls because they usually don’t answer the phone or check their emails.

In Quebec who the Prime minister of Canada is doesn’t matter as much to them, because they have the Bloc and the Bloc protects their sovereignty as well as their welfare. As it stands now there is no benefit for Quebecers to support Justin Trudeau.

The riding of Beauce is one Maxime Bernier could realistically win, it wouldn’t have much if any bearing on the overall election results because I personally think the problem for the Liberals is going to be the NDP. It’s the NDP that lost the most to the Liberals during the 2019 election, So for me, it will be interesting to watch and see how the 2021 election unfolds in Canada.

Interesting times ahead!