Quebec Premier François Legault Put a Very Important Burden on Quebec’s Health Care Network by Forcing ESSENTIAL Health care Workers To Quit (François Legault is a TYRANT) – January 12, 2022,

Most of the tyrannical behavior in Canada comes from Quebec, because a large chunk of Quebecers believe in Big Government it appears natural for many Quebecers to embrace tyranny and ignore stupidity. One of the dumbest Premiers in Canada has been François Legault. Legault is short-sighted, or maybe he’s not short-sighted, maybe he’s just a tyrant because he’s made a plethora of bad decisions, and his solution for correcting a bad decision is making an even worse decision.

Recently François Legault stated the following “These People Put a Very Important Burden on our health-care Network” this is a lie, it’s a blatant lie, as everyone knows, Quebec Premier François Legault drew a line in the sand with Quebec’s health care workers and he lost.

Quebec Premier François Legault told health care workers if they don’t get vaccinated by a certain date, they’re fired so those health care workers left. Now, as everyone in Canada who cares to know, knows, Quebec has a giant Welfare State, meaning that it pays to be unproductive in Quebec, meaning that there’s a labor shortage in Quebec, not only with Health care professionals but in the overall economy.

When government gets tough with the working classes, the working classes can fight back, long story short, there was a health care labor short pre-pandemic and it’s even worse now because of Legault. Now, obviously, this tyrant doesn’t admit he was wrong, instead, he doubles down on his stupidity and the end result is that now, he wants to impose an additional tax on people he labels as “Anti-Vax”.

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Because I’m not a fan of Universal Health Care, I personally think fixing this problem would be easy if Canada’s health care was privatized. If you’re not vaccinated, your health care insurance premiums would go up. I’m pro-free market and I’d leave this up to the markets to decide. But because Canada has universal health care, and Quebec Premier François Legault is an idiot, his only way to punish people who are against his mandates is to bankrupt them?

Well, this could spark a mass exodus from Quebec, quite frankly I’m not sure what could happen, Ontario became Canada’s largest province because of stupid policies that come from Quebec’s leaders. I don’t know what to make of this, in my opinion, although the road looks dark now, all signs point to austerity measures in the future, I just think Canadians are going to have to learn things the hard way.

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I’m sorry but I can’t predict tyrannical behavior, what I have been observing lately is how Hitler was able to rise to power. Because as you’re observing, these Canadian politicians are creating an environment in which it’s us vs. them. I’m vaxed and you’re not, so you are my enemy and I’m okay with the government doing everything in its power to fix things these are the conditions that help tyrants to rise to power.

The last thing I want to add is that François Legault by Quebec’s standards is considered a “Conservative”, this is the exact same type of Conservativism that Canadians feared if Erin O’Toole became Prime Minister. Labels often mean nothing, if the individual is a piece of shit, a political brand won’t change that.

This is why when I listen to Erin O’Toole speak the first thing that comes to my mind is tyrant, I’m okay with a collapsing economy, what scares me is losing my freedoms, money comes and goes, it’s hard to get your freedoms back. Once you lose your ability to speak out against tyranny it’s game over. That’s what François Legault represents he’s trying to silence opposition, according to him his prior decisions weren’t dumb, no it’s his opponent’s fault, the people who refuse to listen to François Legault these are the people who need to be taught a lesson. My new edict as your Premier is to tax these anti-vaxxers, we will make them kneel before your supreme leader! François Legault is a TYRANT!

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Interesting times ahead