Quick reminder to New Bitcoin investors, Hedge Fund Managers, and other Financial Titans can EASILY manipulate the USD price – September 8, 2021,

To people who want to make the comparison that Bitcoin is digital Gold or Silver, stop it, Bitcoin is Bitcoin and it’s a derivative of fiat money. Fiat money namely the fiat U.S dollar is a derivative of the prior Gold sTANDARD, which is a deravitve of when money was Gold.

although people will try to link the drop in Bitcoin to one event, the reality of the situation and I’ve been writing about this for a while now is that Bitcoin has attracted the financial titans. People and entities with limitless access to capital can play this pump and dump game with Bitcoin anytime they want because Bitcoin isn’t regulated.

Now, I’m not calling for the regulation of Bitcoin, do not confuse what I’m writing here, but George Soros as an example was able to bankrupt several NATIONS by himself, imagine for a moment that several of the George Soros types found their way into Bitcoin?

This sudden drop in the price of Bitcoin equates to some people making a lot of money in a few short months, Bitcoin was at 30K just a few months ago and I warned new investors then. Bitcoin is still a derivative of U.S dollars, there’s no getting around it, I’ve stated before how do you value Bitcoin without the U.S dollar? Bitcoin has no history of value outside of the U.S DIGITAL dollar.