RagingBid.com Review Is It a Scam

Another day another penny auction website emerges what I find interesting about these new penny auction websites is that there are not many differences in all of them. The only difference is the name my guess is the penny auction business is the new get rich quick scheme. In my opinion penny auction websites only make sense if you are the owner. Owning a penny auction website gives you control similar to a casino owner, RagingBid.com has a very distinctive look to it. It also has a great slogan “be a bully & save money”.

One thing I can appreciate with this penny auction website in particular is that it accepts PayPal payments I advise anyone who is thinking of participating in Ragingbid.com to pay using PayPal because I’ve found the consumer has more protection against fraud and also unexpected charges. I am in no way saying Ragingbids intention is scam people but there are plenty of penny auction websites online that are just flat out scams.

RagingBids and the Penny Auction industry from a different perspective

What I don’t like about Ragingbids.com is the amount they charge people per bid. It’s important to know that it costs users .70 cents for the bid price to go up by 1 cent. If you go to a website like eBay.com and participate in a bid war only the winner of the auction pays for the price of the item. In a penny auction website like raging bid every single person who bids on an item pays for the price of the item. How it works is first you purchase a bid pack once you purchase a bid pack RagingBids.com has your money.

That’s basically all there is to it. Signing up to penny auction website is like walking into a store handing the cashier your money for a bid stick. To me this would only make sense if each bid costs the consumer 1 cent. The bidding process in a penny auction website from my perspective is just one big sham. The bidding price goes up by one cent but each participant is actually paying .70 cents two bids in the instance of Ragingbid.com means you spent $1.40 in bids. In my opinion that’s worse than gambling.

So when you hear people saying I only spent $10 and I won a $100 gift card the better question should be how much you did spend on your bid pack? I know what I said above might fly over the heads of a few of you but that’s one of the reasons why I feel penny auction websites only make sense if you are the owner of the penny auction website.

Ragingbid’s Bidbutler feature and my final thoughts

When I see Ragingbid.com’s bid butler feature I can’t help but say to myself the game looks rigged. Because I mean think about it if there’s a bid butler feature what’s really stopping Ragingbid staff members from setting up their own Bid Butler feature and letting the “thing” run on auto pilot so prices will be at a set amount set by Raging Bid. Now in no way am I saying ragingbid.com is doing this but these are the thoughts that go through my mind and it’s another reason why I recommend staying away.

On that note I won’t say Ragingbid.com is a scam but I don’t recommend them or any other Penny auction website please leave your comments below regarding ragingbid.com it helps others.

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