Rapidinv.com review – Is it a scam?

In case you stumbled on Rapidinv and you’re not sure what to make of it. What you should know is Rapid inv is what’s called a “high yield investment program. The appeal of these websites are simple; they give the illusion of easy richest . Typically how these sites work is they make what they perceive to be enough money in profits and then they obscond with the remaining “investor money” the instant their pyramid scheme starts to lose or decrease in profit.

How investment scams usually work

In our world most people would prefer not to do the hard work of multiplying the money they do have, instead many of us would prefer to hand our money over to someone we perceive to be an expert. This is even true with legitimate legal investments  such as mutual funds or other legal financial programs. Websites like Rapidinv.com pray upon human nature of easy riches and the big return on investment numbers displayed on their website is what they use lure people in.

What people reading this should know is yes I think Rapidinv.com is a scam and not legit  also people should know that if they give Rapidinv.com their money their essentially giving their money away.If for example you want to get into legal investments such as Forex or Binary Options for example you’ll notice that it isn’t only legal but people Globally are already making money from it. Legal investment companies can be contacted via phone and they always have an actual physical address. Rapidinv.com doesn’t have an of these features in fact all it has is online contact form.

Final thoughts regarding Rapidinv.com

Personally I would avoid signing for Rapidinv however I know many of you reading this sign up for many high yield investment programs. To those of you who know the game and understand how these pyramid schemes works and know the risk involved if you want to sign up then go ahead but I don’t recommend it.

If you’re new to this stuff in many cases all these sites really are is a few people behind a computer trying to scam you out of your money. They’ll take your money and pay you back with your money or with the money of others who just signed up. The larger these pyramid schemes get the more there is chance of default because having to pay people 150% and up won’t last for long! once this happens typically the site owner will either make excuses or just shut down the WEBSITE completely.

Please leave your experiences or comments with Rapidinv.com below it really does help others

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