RashkinOnlineLeaders.com Review – Is it a scam?

Run and promoted by Aaron and Sophia Rashkin, Rashkin Online Leaders of RashkinOnlineLeaders.com is a website that claims to help people in network marketing business. They promises a new approach that would help these people earn more money, faster.

According to the Rashkins, they were able to make $60,000 using a system that help improve the multi level marketing business. This program, which can now be used by anyone, runs 24/7 globally. By signing up in this program, users will also be given one-on-one support from Aaron and Sophia, live coaching events, and the choice between a high converting sales funnel or being coached on building their own brand.

How it works

The Rashkins have a theory as to why many MLM businesses nowadays fail. According to them, these businesses fail because owners internet killed them. Thus, what Aaron and Sophia offer is their involvement during the pre-launch stage since they also believed that people who are interested in MLM businesses are just after the ‘next big thing.’

Rashkin Online Leaders’ program, CarbonCopyPro, aims on getting immediate income and not really on building or developing a downline. In order to check whether you are suitable for this program or not, you’ll be required to apply for a fee of $39.95. This amount will be refunded for those who will not qualify.

Final thoughts on RashkinOnlineLeaders.com

Just like any other businesses, MLM also comes with risks. For those who want to create a good downline rather than just earn from immediate sales, you might not like the program offered by RashkinOnlineLeaders.com.

It’s actually hard to tell whether this program is a scam or not since every company sets its own limitation. However, if you’re an MLM business owner who wants to flourish your business, this program doesn’t sound to be a good fit for you.

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