Get Ready For Paid Membership Sites: Canada’s biggest banks join groups pressuring Facebook to ban what Leftist groups consider hate speech – July 3, 2020,

If you’re pro-black-lives-matter, pro-Antifa, pro-whatever social justice cause is the new trend, eventually, the mob will turn on you, well that is the mob will turn on you if you’re not captaining the mob. In time the mob will turn on Canada’s biggest banks, but in July 2020, it’s not that time and therefore some of Canada’s biggest banks have turned on Facebook for allowing what Leftists call hate speech to be on their facebook platform.

Canada’s biggest banks join boycott of Facebook platforms |

Just being honest I don’t like too many things that are free, I prefer being on private property, being that Facebook is given special privileges under the government, I think the Leftist mob has a right to voice their concerns. Long term I think all of this cancel culture is going to hurt most of the people who subscribe to it, but in the meantime, cancel culture is the new trend and being that capitalism has brought the world so much abundance, cancel culture has a whole lot more to cancel.

As per usual, this equates to individuals of value leaving public forums and creating their own private invite-only networks. What will happen is the public forums will merely become avenues of advertising in which most of the value has zapped from public consumption.

This is nothing new, we all had hoped the internet could be a free domain, but as per usual, the Leftists ruin everything. In case people forget, Mark Zuckerberg at one point was on the Leftists good graces, well, even the Canadian Liberal government has turned on Facebook and being that Canadian banks get their Canadian currency printing privileges from Ottawa, it’s only natural that the Canadians banks would do what’s best for business.

I mean think about it, imagine woke people start defaulting on loans because the Canadian major bank isn’t woke enough. Justin Trudeau and the Leftists have been proven to be spineless in the past if Trudeau fined a bank for not being woke enough, would anyone really come to the Banks defense? I don’t think so, an excuse to default n
on a loan and potentially get a Universal Basic Income payout in the process?

After all, Canadians have deposit insurance right? Maybe even a smaller bank could turn into a bigger bank via Government decree, being woke is good for some Canadian businesses. Obviously, in the not so distant future, all of these socialist government decrees will come back to haunt us, but for now, the mob runs the world!

Interesting times ahead!