Start a Twitter Followers or Facebook Likes Business for Free

Start a Twitter Followers or Facebook Likes Business for Free

Where to Get Real Twitter Followers For Free

I’ll try to keep this blog post short and think this post will help those of you looking to make an additional income from your work. As an example a person could use this blog post to set up a Fiverr account and sell twitter followers, Facebook likes or even Pinterest Likes.  I’ve helped quite a few people make an income out of thin air using these strategies.

Ok well first you should sign up for SocialAdr it’s 100% Free to join however once you start making money on Fiverr for example you should really consider upgrading because by upgrading you can really multiply your income very fast. Sure some people know about this but you’d also be surprised to know how many people don’t know about SocialAdr.

Start a Twitter Followers or Facebook Likes Business for Free

In a nutshell by participating you can make a lot of friends extremely fast by participating and what some people do is from there they might create a website selling twitter followers or Facebook likes from $9 – $300. If you upgrade your SocialAdr and you know what you’re doing you can make a ton of money extremely fast, because unlike other social exchange sites SocialAdr allows you to country target.

Let me point out that not all the users on Fiverr or on those websites selling twitter followers use SocialAdr some might use others I know there are quite a few India and Asia based social exchanges that can put your following into the hundreds of thousands very fast but as you can see I’m writing this blog post in English and you don’t want to have a bunch of followers that you have a hard time communicating with.

One last thing being that SocialAdr has real members they have the right to unfollow you so when you’re doing business be careful not to make promises you can’t keep. Companies or individuals that sell bot traffic might make some money but the cost for that money is  they constantly have to recreate a new company name as the complaints come rolling.

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If you’ve visited the Work From Home page you should be familiar with the next site which is Add Me Fast it’s a good site I wouldn’t put it in the same class as SocialAdr but it does have it’s place and it does deliver once you start accumulating you can expand your online presence however do expect some of those same followers to unfollow  you, they may even unlike as well.

Because of the rules of Facebook and Twitter constantly changing most exchanges for obvious reasons keep loose policies. One of the reasons this blog has been online since 2008 is because I try to tell people two sides to every story there’s no such thing as a business that’s 100% perfect there’s usually a downside but it’s how you balance the downside which leads to making money.

If you’re going to sign up with Add Me Fast or SocialAdr make sure you get comfortable first. I’ve taught a lot of this stuff and it amazes me that out of the 100 people that join these sites 2 will be ultra successful 8 will do well and the other 90 will give up within a week. Either way I wish you all the best thanks for stopping by.

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