RealWritingJobs Scam

I have that very strange feeling of here we go again. By that I mean I think these scammers found a brand new way to promote an old type of scam and this one might get some legs. When I see sites like this emerge I am reminded why I started this blog. You see when i just began my journey to making money online I fell for everything, All i needed was one positive review and I would sign up for the program. Not knowing of course that most people who review websites are being paid to do so.

Honestly I can’t blame anyone for helping companies promote their scam because some of the people online are living in the worst conditions and are doing something to help their family, none the less i have to be me, I told myself when i am able to work from home full time that I would do my part to help others that want to do the same. So here’s my opinion of Information

If you are reading this post first of all consider it a blessing, Because it’s plain to see for me that seems to have either paid off people or they’ve gotten people who know nothing about the internet to write positive reviews about them. I’ve said this before i’ll say it again what you don’t know will be used against you online. is promoting themselves as some sort of savior in the recession. Allow me to take your attention to a portion of the sales page, this can be found after you submit your name and password to it states the following,

“here’s a real check one of our members sent us recently”

It goes onto to say.

“This was his first check he got for his first job he completed after joining RealWritingJobs. Yes, it is only for $110 and it isn’t going to pay your rent, but he told us that all he had to do was write a few short articles giving feedback about some cologne products.

Just imagine getting hundreds of checks like this every single month! Some people are earning in EXCESS OF $1000 PER DAY! We can’t guarantee you’ll make that much, but if you’re not making at least $100 / day with this program, then the only excuse you can have is that you’re turning down too many writing jobs.”

I hope you can put 2 and 2 together reading the above, also i want you to keep in mind the time I am writing this blog is May 19, 2010, i’m saying this because maybe when you are reading this their post may say something else.

Now by putting 2 & 2 together I mean i hope you can see why possibly so many people have such good things to say about I could be wrong but it does make you think doesn’t it???. If you want to sign up don’t let me stop you I just feel there is something seriously fishy about this site. Now let’s go on to the more important issue.

Trial offers and their Hidden charges

Before signing up I highly recommend that you read the terms & conditions. The terms and conditions for Real Writing Jobs can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page. After the trial the price for is $47 per month. If you know anything about freelance writing you know you should not have to pay to become a “freelance” writer. Also if you are a free lance writer you might want to consider joining FreeLancer or yahoo owned Associated Content they’re both Free.

From my perspective this is one of those membership sites where if you are new to Free lance writing online you might sign up. But if you know anything about how Free lance writing works online you probably won’t. That’s my two cents.

If you really signed up with please share your story, if you would like to Learn How To Make Money Online For Free Click Here

thanks for reading my post best wishes!