The Reason The Liberal Party Can’t Replace Justin Trudeau – September 21, 2019,

So after the numerous incidents of racism of Justin Trudeau, why hasn’t he stepped down as Prime Minister and why can’t he step down?

The answer is the Liberal Party of Canada was a dying brand prior to him and they’ll more than likely be a dying breed after him. There’s no real substance in the Liberal Party, I often write about Paul Martin, what was Paul Martin? A fiscally reasonable Liberal. Now, a fiscally responsible Liberal although corrupt can handle themselves in a debate without mentioning Racism, of course, it could lead to boring television coverage, however, there are Liberals who understand the importance of actual debate.

Debating is how we learn. After Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Daddy Pierre Trudeau destroyed the Canadian economy, a lot of Canadians began to learn and relearn Austrian economic principles. Brian Mulroney in what I believe was an attempt to appease the populists of that era, tried to finance Pierre Trudeau’s socialism, of course, this led to Reform Party which unfortunately helped to educate a portion of the Liberal Party who caught wind of the demand for fiscal reasonability and the Jean Chrétien Liberals were born. Now, it’s clear from my perspective that Paul Martin and his posse we’re the brains behind Jean Chrétiens Liberals, however, Jean Chrétien was the better politician.

The Welfare State Liberals have no moral high-ground, so what they need is a person with the right look and message to manipulate voters who think that economies simply fix themselves. It would amaze man of you on the Right how many people assume that economics is a subject not worth talking about. Where the money or resources come from means nothing to most people as long as they get it in it’s finished form, whether that be a cheque from the government, free housing, free paved roads or free whatever. As long as they get more out than they put in, they’re happy.

Although I’m not a huge fan of a Gold Standard, this is, of course, why many people are, because under a gold standard it’s common sense that infrastructure has to be maintained by hard work and investment, under a fiat system with fractional reserve banking, there’s a misguided belief that they’ll never be a period when industrialist call for their debts to be repaid. Money still needs integrity and once the government gets too big, well at the very least you better provide the value the United States provides. In the United States, their presence prevents countries and entire continents from being invaded, in Canada, we’re in a different position, we’re known for our Banks, our people, and our national resources.

Internationally it’s in Canada’s best interests not be viewed as immoral, lazy, incompetent and indebted. Well, Canada Trudeau and his policies make us all of those, and unlike Jean Chrétien where everyone was looking to Paul Martin to take the lead after Jean Chrétien was done, the Liberals have no one recognizable if Justin Trudeau steps down. Now, why wouldn’t the Liberals have a successor after Justin Trudeau lined up? It’s because they were dying Party until he showed up.

I know, first hand the amount of pompous racist there are at the Liberal Party, in my personal view, it’s best to observe the Liberals from afar, because up close even the visual minorities in the Party know to stay in line. The NDP even knew this, Jagmet Singh was propped up to make a point, now the NDP used to be a Union Party, I’m a Union Guy, I’m a blue-collar guy I know the racism that happens in those Leftist political Party’s, but I always speak highly of the late great Jack Layton, not because of his policies, but because he stood up to them. I’ve seen it for myself. Of course, it didn’t change my mind politically because racism from my standpoint is one of the dumbest things humans have embraced, but it exists and it exists mostly on the Left.

The problem is Leftist who are racists they don’t say very much, they vote and go home, Conservative racist😂 they’re all idiots. They love to talk and like to assume any Conservative momentums somehow revolves around their white supremacist ideals. Now, this is actually common amongst all cultures and races. Living in Toronto you’ll meet people from the Islamic community who you know would love to get as far away from there oppressive family as possible, this is true in East Asian and Black communities too. It’s hard for most people to separate themselves from a culture they may have been born into.

This is why I personally prefer a welcoming environment, the Left up close actually isn’t very welcoming. You can easily mistakenly offend a Leftist without even know, many of them regardless of their race are very sensitive and are often encouraged to be sensitive. People on the Political Right are the opposite and that can come across as insensitive to a person who loves the idea of being coddled from cradle to grave. People on the Political Right, prefer debate, they love it actually, that’s how they learn, the school of hard-knocks allows a person on the Right to appreciate their opposition.

I actually admire the fact as an example of the way Trudeau handles his blatant racism. Trudeau has shown his racist colors several times, but what appear to be his sincere apologies tell me that he’s mastered the art of manipulation or acting, he is, after all, a Drama teacher and he did attend some of Canada’s best PRIVATE SCHOOLS. Now allow me to make sure that I’m clear, Private schools typically don’t practice or promote racism, but they do promote Excellence, they promote practicing something until you’re above average at it, with incentivised teachers having an obsessive devotion to their students.

In public schools, parents have to take initiatives with their children in most instances because with public schools it’s often a hit or miss with teachers, being that the teachers’ unions play a vital role in public school teachers lives, a bad public school teacher can be rewarded via their public-sector union for doing just enough not to be fired, whereas in a private schools this is almost non-existent, normal students in a private school get attention because parents are paying for it and you can only imagine the extra attention a Justin Trudeau would get in a Private School.

Now, I’ve stated several times that I would feel like a failure as a parent if my children don’t have the ability to attend private schools. As an individual who identifies as Christian, after 12 years old I allow my children to decide what schools they want to attend. However, I consider myself a failure if they want to go to a private school and I can’t pay for it. Private Schools in Canada, in my opinion, are some of the best in the WORLD and Canadians should be aware that Justin Trudeau with all his faults appeared to master particular traits that find in exclusively in students who attend Private schools.

Now, in order to SELL people on sincerity, you must have practiced it at least a thousand times, you’re not going to find this common trait amongst Liberals. At least amongst Liberals elites willing to throw their life of privilege off to the side to be ridiculed by the media. Trudeau has not only been given a pass media, in many ways he’s earned, by becoming a master salesman. You might not like that, I would write this, but it’s the truth and this my dear reader is how I’m concluding this blog post.

The Reason The Liberal Party of Canada Doesn’t Want To Replace Justin Trudeau is because they’ve gone too far Left and it takes a real hardcore, demonic, psychopath to do what Trudeau has done. From my perspective Trudeau is clearly a Globalist puppet, controlled by multi-nationals, however, I’m a mere Investor, which allows me to follow the numbers, if you’re not financially educated or financially literate, if you’re investment isn’t based on watching who benefits from Governments Socializing or bailing out entire industries, it’s likely you’d come to a different conclusion than I would regarding Trudeau, it’s also likely that you’d be a victim of Trudeau’s manipulation, because you’d mistake DECADES OF PRACTICE with sincerity.

That’s fine I’m not God, I don’t know everything, all I know is it’s hard for me to see the Liberal Party being a viable option if Trudeau isn’t their leader.

Interesting times ahead