The Red-Tory Conservative leadership race attempts to make certain Peter MacKay their guy – March 26, 2020,

As Canada moves closer to an Authoritarian democracy amid this COVID-19 outbreak the Red-Tories see this as an attempt to promote their own form of Authoritarian democracy. There has been little push back by Canadian voters to Justin Truduaes attempts to completely take over the Canadian economy.

Michael Ignatieff was Justin Trudeau before Justin Trudeau was made the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, the problem with Michael Ignatieff is that he wasn’t electable. Maxime Bernier, the Conservative Maxime Bernier, was the leader that probably would have beaten Justin Trudeau in 2019, however, the Red-Tories deemed it a better idea to make Andrew Scheer the leader of the party, because they felt a deep desire to appease the Centrists in Canada.

Based on my research of the average Canadian voter, they appear open to dictatorship, not necessarily an open dictatorship but a gradual move towards an Authoritarian democracy. If you don’t believe this is true, then you’re not paying attention to the War Measures Act Justin Trudeau attempt to push forward only a few days ago, what should be even scarier is how Canada’s mainstream media attempted to frame it

The ‘measure of last resort’: What is the Emergencies Act and what does it do? | CBC

Steven Guilbeault, Canada’s Heritage Minister is attempting to regulate the media and there are ongoing talks about regulating the internet. I get it, that some of you don’t want to accept the obvious, but what should be equally scary is little push back we’re getting from the Conservative Party of Canada. They have yet to sound the alarm and they’ve done little to explain the Authoritarian democracy push by the Liberal Party of Canada.

My belief is that the Conservative Party of Canada wants to have its own brand of Authoritarian democracy and it doesn’t want to say things to the public which it will have to withdraw later. The writing is on the wall for a recession in Canada, and because of Justin Trudeau’s approach to solving the problem, I don’t think, Canadians understand that our cost of doing business in Canada exceeds our ability to pay our debts and obligations to a deflationary economic period.

What this means is that printing money will be the only tool the Canadian government will have during an economic period and printing money equates to hyper-inflation. The hope is, of course, is that the world will be suffering economically just as much as Canada will be and this will hopefully keep our currency from going into hyperinflation, the unfortunate truth, however, is that our productivity rate is going to be the problem.

One month has passed and already Canadians are defaulting on their mortgages and their rental agreements, Canadians already need a bailout to be unproductive? Now, the truth of the matter is during a period like this any Tory would be a good Tory, if Canadians are dumb enough to vote for Liberal when economic times are bad, well I say let them!

If the Torys were smart they’d position themselves to be champions of the Canadian economy and stop promising free handouts. A red Tory like Peter MacKay is going to promise free crap and he’s also going to protect the ideals of the Liberal Party of Canada.

There is only one reason to make a Red-Tory the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, the people influencers at the top of the Conservative Party see Authoritarian democracy as Canada’s inevitable future!

The Conservative leadership race keeps on rolling — and MacKay is still in the driver’s seat | CBC

Interesting times ahead!