review - Is it a scam? review – Is it a scam?

Binary options has really taken off in 2013 so much so that there are a lot of scams popping up all over the internet. Redwood Options doesn’t seem to be a scam it appears to be legit however what should be pointed out is what some of the other binary brokers have been doing not only to protect customers but also with their training as well as their trading platform. Personally I only join Binary Option brokerages that are regulated best I can tell doesn’t seemed to be regulated at least as of December 2013.

Personal thoughts regarding

Redwood Options reminds me a lot like I think the two could be related somehow however I’m not positive of this what I do know about both is both of them are not regulated which is why I personally didn’t make a deposit into However I do know their minimum deposit amount is $200 which to me isn’t the best idea in world because their are better options out there such as Empire Options that are regulated and have a lower deposit amount which is $100.

Final thoughts regarding

Decent trading platform doesn’t seem to be a scam but after my personal review I don’t think I’ll be recommending them at this time. I think they should work to get themselves regulated in 2014 and also make their trading platform a little better. In my opinion Empire Options has them beat on so many different levels and I think if you compare the two you would have to agree with me. Don’t allow my reviews of to stop you from joining.

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