Register of is among those web hosting service providers that offer only offer basic shared hosting plans. Those who are looking for high-end hosting such as VPS, dedicated server, and cloud hosting server plans may have to look elsewhere as they won’t be able to find one here.

With over two and a half million domains registered, one could assume that Register is not one of those poor performing companies in the industry. It takes pride of being user friendly and for its site restore feature that enables users to reload their websites once they make incorrect changes or suffer faults.

More about Register

The company has been known to offer decent shared hosting plans at a price higher than what its competitors offer. Its most basic shared hosting plan, the Essential plan, comes with 5GB of storage and 250GB of monthly data transfer allowance. Upgrading this account to Professional plan will improve storage, monthly data transfer allowance, increase the number of databases and FTP accounts, and hosting additional site. As expected, this upgrade would call for  additional fees. Certain limitations on these two plans will be removed once users opt for the Premium plan. may provide good features but with the price they set, users could get better hosting plans from other hosting companies. Also, many companies nowadays are gearing towards offering that unlimited feature to cope up with the competition, a feature that is only available with the company’s Premium plan.

Final thoughts on

Unless you wanted to splurge, doesn’t really give good value for money. Its shared hosting plans are too expensive. One could end up with high-end spec plans for such prices. The company though has quite impressive features and technical support.

More and more website owners are putting their trust on Host Gator. It’s one of the most reliable web hosting companies in the industry.