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In case you didn’t know once you purchase a domain name you personal information is out to the public. This information includes where you live your personal email address your telephone number your full name your house or apartment number your fax the state and the country you reside in.

With this type of information available to the public it is is easy for someone to find you or even use your personal information to do all manners of things. It’s one of the ways spammers steal your email address and is also a way people are able to take you information and use it against you.

This is why a recommend using Name Cheap because once you buy a domain name from name cheap it automatically comes with privacy protection so you won’t have to worry about people stealing your personal information. Also unlike many other domain name providers Name Cheap doesn’t bombard you with special unnecessary offers and useless upgrades.

When using Name Cheap and updating your name servers to any host you will also notice how much more faster it is most domain name providers take days to complete simple request this is very costly and also very time consuming if you are considering buying a domain name i recommend going with name cheap.

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