Remember When a House Was Considered a Money Pit? New Brunswick, Canada has a Trade Worker Shortage, Equalization Payments and why The proletariat NEVER NEEDED Karl Marx – June 9, 2021,

So Canada has this government initiative called transfer payments also known as Equalization payments. Talk about Federal Government overreach! How this Equalization formula works is the federal government steals money from the solvent Canadian provinces and gives this stolen money to Canadian provinces with politicians who refuse to spend within their means.

Canada is a very anti-austerity measures country. As anyone with common sense knows, socialism doesn’t work without theft. However, if the private sector generates enough for the Canadian Federal government to SERVICE its debts, the Canadian government can then use its newfound stolen riches and redistribute this money to finance socialist bad ideas which otherwise would have bankrupted the province and at the very least forced Provinces like New Brunswick to pay for all of their socialism with taxation.

As I like to point out, socialism destroys the WORKING CLASSES, individuals who get more from the government than they contribute to the government are the real tax-cheats, and their democratically elected pirate/politician does their theft for them.

Eventually, these welfare Kings, Queens, and everything in between repel working-class people. As an Ontarian, I’ve seen up-close how people on Welfare or people who are government dependent treat working-class people. If I built houses or contributed to the maintaining of houses and there were all of these real estate investors and government dependents pushing me around and I couldn’t raise my prices to match the value I bring to the table, I’d either leave that area or I’d only do the highest paying big jobs.

Many Canadians might not know this, but a lot of the homes and condos being built aren’t being built by Canadians. Often these horribly built structures as well as structures built decades ago need lots of maintenance and because most of these homeowners are deeply in debt and can’t afford to pay to fix their homes, the tradespeople are usually the ones who get screwed and blamed by the government and their media minions.

You have to remember that each regulation the government creates equates to a law-abiding tradesperson who has to spend more money and potentially more time doing a job for an employer who quite frankly might look down at them.

Now, this might not seem like much, but if let’s say a person who has no trade skills purchases a house with a plethora of problems to fix. The reason in the past why the government wouldn’t get involved in the house business is because most people assume owning a home is like renting an apartment.

No, we all knew a house to be a money pit in the past because in the past not only did your home not appreciate much in value, but it would actually be costing you money every month to maintain. Nothing has really changed since then except for near-zero percent interest rates which inflate asset prices and give people the illusion they have more money than they have.

This illusion in purchasing power, have tradespeople taking their talents to where they can get the most money for their labour. The proletariat NEVER NEEDED KARL MARX, all the proletariat needed was a little patience.

Socialism is a disease and it takes working-class people, sometimes a lifetime to comprehend that a big government works AGAINST them. The public sector consumes money produced by the private sector and then a large segment of the UNIONIZED private sector votes to grow the Welfare State.

Well, the welfare state doesn’t work at all and they’re financed by the hard-working private sector. Now, if you’re in the private sector, minus the government contracts, the only clients you’ll want are the affluent clients that can afford your labor, if I’m a tradesperson, risking my health at every job, you better believe you’re going to pay me what I’m worth because as a tradesperson, I can build and maintain my own house and if you bought a money pit, that might appreciate via equity, and you want me to help you, you better pay me what I’m worth.

I hear all of this crap about raising the minimum wage, well if the minimum wage goes up, so should the wages and costs for tradespeople in an equal percentage to the minimum wage hike. I’ve personally never understood why tradespeople centralize, the market wins every time and this story below about what’s happening in New Brunswick is a perfect example of why the proletariat doesn’t need a central authority.

In every socialist country, I’ve visited the story has been the same, the welfare state chases out the quality people. What’s so interesting about New Brunswick is that the cost of living there is one of the lowest in Canada, but nearly 14% of the people in New Brunswick are living in poverty, so what’s with that you ask?

Well, New Brunswick is a very Left-leaning province and their low cost of living isn’t reflective of government spending. Meaning that an individual’s labour in New Brunswick is being artificially suppressed because their Left-Leaning provincial government has a lot of anti-free-market regulations on the books.

We all know Alberta isn’t the only province in Canada with natural resources, New Brunswick has a lot of wealth, but the government has disincentivized investment into that wealth and the overall effect that has on the province is economic depression and deflation.

Now if equalization payments didn’t exist, chances are New Brunswick would look a lot different, or maybe it wouldn’t I’m not sure, socialists have a way of doubling down on stupidity. Argentina as an example never wants to pay for their government with taxation, so it constantly suffers from fiat-peso hyper-inflation problems.

In Quebec, which I believe has an influence on New Brunswick, their cost of living has been artificially low, primarily because of transfer payments. This is why I make my case of Why countries like Canada enjoy the Euro-dollar system because if our currency was based on any real fundamentals, most of these silly schemes Governments get away with would have failed within a year.

Anyway, the end result in all of this is that the working class is basically demanding a pay raise and I get it that many of you may think that mass immigration will fix this problem, but immigrants keep leaving provinces like New Brunswick. People tend to forget, that once a person has the skills to pay the bills, most will not subject themselves to big government buffoonery.

A N.B. trade worker shortage and how it’s forcing construction companies to turn down jobs |

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