Is a scam?

Now first thing I want to say is to date nothing I’ve seen Preston Ely do has been a scam in fact in many was I actually think he does do the best job marketing his products. Preston is usually upfront and honest and in many instances actually tells people more than they need to know. He deals mainly with the real estate industry and even though a lot of his offers are very tempting personally I won’t be getting involved. However that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t .

Reorockstar Terms and conditions

At the date i’m writing this I can not find the terms and conditions for which worries me a bit. Also personally I don’t feel safe on the  credit card page. I would never give up my credit card to company that doesn’t have their terms and conditions on their page. Personally I tend not to give out my credit card unless there’s an option to use Paypal. This is not me advertising Paypal the reason I say this is because Paypal makes it easier to stop subscription payments.I think people should contact by phone before signing up.

Will Reorockstar make me any money?

I think most of you reading this know and understand the economical condition the  United States is in and that being said I personally don’t recommend getting into real estate unless you have knowledge about this industry because you can lose a lot of money as many Americans have learned over the last few years. I’ve personally never tried so all I can say is proceed with caution and please leave your comments about Reo Rockstar below

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