Replacing The Church With The State: Declining attendance at the Catholic Churches in Canada, The Welfare State and The Decline of VOLUNTEERISM Without Christians (Donations declining since 2000) – July 19, 2022,

Coinciding with declining donations, it appears more Canadians are dumping the Church and or their other religions, and why wouldn’t they? If you know about all religions, what’s often ignored is why most people fled to the church in the first place, WELFARE. The benefits of the church outweighed being an atheist for a lot of people in prior times, and one has to make the argument if that was the main reason prior generations joined the church to begin with?

But before you think of dumping religion and dumping God altogether, it should be remembered that one can’t ignore the subjective nature of MORALITY without Christianity. I get it; you might imagine that your morals come to you NATURALLY, but the evidence suggests otherwise. Criminals often have NO moral compass, and whether you like it or not, criminals and people we consider immoral as adults also have children, who they raise to be just as immoral as they are.

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When parents raise immoral children, they do it with the intention that the rest of society will be able to solve the immoral mind they helped create. Now, in poverty-stricken nations, immorality leads to an acceleration of poverty, as nobody can be trusted, whereas, in richer nations, immorality will eventually cripple the wealthy nation by the seams.

Charitable donations on the decline in Canada: Fraser Institute report |

Socialism is the State attempting to replace God. The State promises heaven on earth using wealth redistribution. Whereas Christian-derived nations become wealthy via LIBERTY and Freedoms. Wealth redistribution is IMMORAL; however, it feels good to the lazy and power-hungry while it lasts. I often like to point out that in Communist China, everything the GOVERNMENT touches turns to crap; it’s the free market zones in China that are fueling wealth.

The same is true in all western nations, the government is usually in the way of progress, but the government often brands itself as the reason for a country becoming wealthy. To God be the glory when it comes to the Christian faith, in the government-created welfare state, most attribute the free money they’re receiving from Left-wing governments, which fuels the DEMAND for tyranny NON-believers of Big Government.

Now, even Christian groups are complicit in the growth of the Welfare State as most Christians are taught to imagine ALL rich people as evil. If a political group claims that it’s for the POOR, Christian groups will often get on board and support these politicians, even going so far as to put Christ The Lord second to Big Government.

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It’s no longer abnormal for the Churches to support homosexuality, abortion, and an overall bigger government in the name of helping the poor. You see, the tent of being considered “poor” grows once the church becomes political. Smart politicians can always frame their arguments and use the church to push their agenda; why?

Could it be that churches are more like knowledge centers instead of what they’ve become today? I have Christians in my family and what they like to remind me is that not every PREACHER was called by God to Preach because part of what makes up a REAL preacher is standing up to TYRANNY and defending God. Most Popes, and Christian leaders, in the face of tyranny, will usually parrot the government’s talking points.

If you’ve heard stories about the Black churches in the United States, what a lot of Black Americans will argue is that the government would use Preachers in their churches to keep black people in line? So the churches for a lot of black people in the United States were not places where they could learn anything. This was also true in what we know as many European-derived churches. When curious students had questions, the preachers or leaders did not have answers.

This, ofcourse, led a large number of people to abandon the church and, in many instances, become ATHEISTS. The problem with becoming an atheist is that, sure, some atheists have a moral compass, but most DO NOT! This lack of a moral compass amongst atheists is why declining attendance in Christian churches shouldn’t be ignored.

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Lately, we’ve allowed the government to go as far as claim that the climate changing, and this justifies PERMANENT tyranny by the political classes? How did this happen in the first place? Well, the evidence suggests that people are looking for a GOD or GODS to follow. Big Government is filing a leadership void that used to belong to the church.

Even if you disagree with the church, you have to ask yourself if this new BIG GOVERNMENT taskmaster will be better than a SKY DADDY, as Bill Maher calls it? The Sky Daddy doesn’t FORCE you to do anything; in fact, you can read the bible in its entirety, take parts from it you like, and never support or attend church.

Big Government requires that you support it from cradle to grave; instead of donations, the government forces you to pay taxes into perpetuity? I remind you most of the laws of the land n Western Nations are derived from Christian doctrines, meaning that Christians can PROSPER WITHOUT the STATE. Christians already have the ten commandments and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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Yes, some adjustments to modern times are necessary, but if you’re creating a new society or a new republic, would you really want to be led by a group of Atheists whose moral compass is SUBJECTIVE at best? If society crumbles, most Christians will argue that it’s what we DID NOT do to defend Christian values. I’m not a Catholic; I grew up protestant, but the teachings of CHRIST are what unites all of us.

In order for Christian teachings to be relevant in today’s world, DEBATES must become commonplace in the church, and education about the true and living God must be allowed to evolve. I’m of the belief that this preacher model needs to evolve; Bible study, in my opinion, is better suited to deal with this changing world.

A lot of the online teachers I listen to the comments of their subscribers and create content to address the DEMANDS of the people. The problem with the Church is that it’s become very static, and if you learn about Jesus, he appeared to have had a problem with what the church had become when he was on earth. You go to church sing songs and listen to someone preach and participate in traditional church programs and services? It gets old fast and doesn’t keep up with an ever-evolving marketplace that is asking questions the church can’t answer.

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The church should be educating students before the government gets to them. One of the main reasons people can push back against big government in the modern world is that CONTENT creators are pumping out new and INNOVATIVE information daily to meet the DEMANDS of the people. Because the Catholic Church as an example is so static, it often finds out about what’s happening in the real world via some popular political candidate, who corners the church leaders to have a position on a political matter, the church probably didn’t have deep discussions about.

As a protestant, my problem with Catholics has always been their POPE model; one man having all of this power is very silly, in my opinion. How can the old pope deal with the needs of young people? One man can not address the DEMANDS of all people. This Big POPE model, from an economic perspective, is a misallocation of resources.

I don’t see much, if any, effort from the Catholic church to combat Big government? Why? The answer I assume, is that they never had to compete before. What Catholics haven’t been paying attention to is that the Welfare State is eating their market share, the article I point to below shows how the government has replaced the services that used to be offered by the Catholic Church.

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Now, if I were poor, I’d much rather receive government handouts than handouts from the church; why? Because politicians don’t want people to be self suffient, a government can’t grow if people are getting more knowledgeable and wealthier. There’s a myth that assumes all wealthy people are evil? Yes, some rich people are indeed evil, but this is not the NORM!

In this effort to paint poor people as the ONLY VICTIM class, the Church hasn’t focused on ENRICHING the minds of those under their influence. This is why I don’t bash what some call prosperity preachers. Sure, Prosperity preachers like Joel Olsteen appeared to be ripping off Marketing Gurus like Zig Ziglar, but give the guy some credit by using the MARKET to his advantage.

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At the very least Joel Olsteen is innovating in the Christian space, I’ve personally listened to the BIBLE STUDIES his church holds, and the people we part of the Joel Olsteen ministries appear to comprehend that they MUST compete for market share and bring lives back to Jesus Christ. Now, you might prefer the old traditions of the Church, but you’d better comprehend that information is now simultaneous and it’s a 24/7/365 information cycle, that Christians can only win with a message that resonates with people’s SOULS!

When you learn about Jesus Christ, you feel it in your mind, body, and soul. When you believe in God, you GENUINELY only want to do what you believe is God’s inspired work. I don’t have any problem with the article I point to below; it’s definitely worth the read.

From the 18th to the early 20th century the Catholic Church was a key provider of social services in Canada, including welfare, education and health care.
The state of the Catholic Church in Canada, amid scandals and declining attendance

What used to be a pillar in the social and political life of communities has become, for some, a reminder of this country’s controversial history

Interesting times ahead