Review Is It a Scam

If there’s one thing I hate its up-sells. Show me a program that doesn’t have up-sells and I’ll show you an Internet marketer that will survive the test of time.  What the average internet marketer doesn’t get is that you make allot more money and spend allot less money if you’re just upfront with people. Everything John Thornhill touches turns to gold and in my opinion is arguably his best work. EBay and building your list are still some of the easiest ways to make money and resale rights blue print shows you how to make money from both.

About resale rights blue print and John Thornhill

Lately I’ve been saying all these scam programs talking about push button software they teach about SEO, generating traffic and all this other time consuming stuff. How about you open an eBay store sell digital products and build your list using paying customer who buy others people stuff from you. Let’s minus the monthly fees; there’s the eBay fee, the web hosting fee and your auto-responder fee. Now let’s talk profit the auto responder works on auto-pilot and eBay has all the customers you ever need. One sale and you could be in profit for the month.

John Thornhill gets right to the heart of making money on eBay and he does this in a very easy to understand and easy to follow way. gets people working for you as opposed to you just being someone else’s affiliate. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing but the whole point behind affiliate marketing is for you to make enough money to develop your own product and get people out there working for you.

resalerightsblueprint and Viral Marketing

Often you’ll hear me talking about viral marketing often times you’ll also hear me explaining to people why some top level affiliates are able to report massive sales overnight. All this is explained in the resale rights blue print. Hears the truth for you skeptics the truth is most people just don’t have what it takes to make money online, Business is not for everyone some of you are destined to be employees or work for someone else your entire life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Viral Marketing means people spreading the word about you and your brand or even giving out your affiliate links without you having to do anything. Once your business goes viral you’re easily making $100,000 a year with minimal effort on your part. This is the dream for every aspiring internet marketer. It’s not hard at all. At I make it a mission to get to the source. The unfortunate side of this is for most of you learning the truth about making money online will seem like too much work. It’s not as glamorous as some of you might think. It’s the Internet marketer’s job to make it sound glamorous.

Final Thoughts on and making money online

How making money works online is you put in the work which can take some time and then you fine tune meaning you perfect what you’re doing until you get the results you want. All of this is explained in plus you can try it risk free for 56 days. There is absolutely no reason why a person shouldn’t at least make their money back in 56 days. When you sign up DON’T GET LAZY if being around a computer makes you bored or lazy DON’T bother trying to work from home. If working from home was for everyone than everyone would be doing it.

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