Rich Dad Poor Dad Review


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

This book has got to go down as one of the best books of all time, Rich Dad poor Dad is not a book you read only once. It’s a way of life taught by a person who practices what preaches. Great people inspire others to do great things and Robert T Kiyosaki has done that with Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Where People Get Rich Dad Poor Dad Wrong

A lot of people use the mention of MLM in Robert’s book to justify the legitimacy of the Multi-level Marketing industry. If you read rich Dad poor dad nowhere in that book is there any mention that Robert himself worked at an MLM company, In Roberts book he mentions Zig Ziglar those not familiar with Zig, Mr. Ziglar he is a huge supporter of the Multi-Level Marketing industry.

I’m sure that now Robert is possibly involved with Multi-Level Marketing most of these motivational speakers are but none the less don’t let the mention of MLM stop you from reading the book as there is only one mention of it.

Is the Rich Dad Poor Dad Story True

Personally for me it doesn’t matter but if it’s not true I feel sorry for Robert for putting his father on display like that. None the less the story is very informative into the way people think. It’s not a good book to get real estate advice from, but it’s a good book to learn about money how to get it (money) to work for you.

What I learned most from Rich Dad Poor Dad was that it’s not about how much money you make it’s about how you choose to spend your money. So if in the event you are following my posts you will notice a common theme with me encouraging people to spend their money wisely.

In general I think Rich Dad Poor Dad is a timeless master piece and i recommend you give it a listen and or read it sometime.

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