Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Stephen Harper cutting the GST to 5% with the late Jim Flaherty

Right Place at The Right Time or The Focus on Finances? Doug Ford Dominates The Ontario Election, Ontarians Really Hate The Provincial Liberals or may it’s Steven Del Duca SMUG demeanor – June 3, 2022,


Some people have that “It” factor, I still question if Justin Trudeau won the last 2 elections because of WEAK Conservative opposition or because he has that “It” factor. Doug Ford dominated Ontario in a manner Trudeau has yet to dominate the Federal elections. You have to remember that this is Doug Ford’s SECOND term, Ontario lost people, and a lot of Right Wingers are attempting to pin the tyrannical label on Doug Ford.

So how then did Doug Ford win 83 out of 124 seats across Ontario? The Liberal Steven Del Duca even lost his Vaughan—Woodbridge riding. I like to remind Canadians that had it not been for Justin Trudeau, the NDP would likely be the main rival to the FEDERAL Conservative Party of Canada. Justin “Trudeau” might be the last time the “Trudeau” name carries weight in Canada.

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Doug Ford almost got 67% of the votes in the Ontario election? The last time Justin Trudeau got a majority was in the 2015 election when he promised to legalize Pot. What Justin Trudeau has done since has mostly revolved around BUYING votes, if you’re a beneficiary of resources Trudeau’s stole from taxpayers, you’d understandably support him, but as we know, vote-buying equates to certain groups being left out, making matters worse people have short term memories.

With Doug Ford, what he’s done for the most part is make CUTS, while at the same time appearing to be reasonable, with his opposition. Although I’d call a lot of what Doug Ford did as tyrannical during the pandemic, he did back down when challenged. When something appeared not to be popular in Ontario, Doug Ford IMMEDIATELY backed down, and STAYED QUIET about it!

If I’m, to be honest, I don’t know Doug Ford’s positions on a lot of things, what I do know is Doug Ford is cheaper than Steven Del Duca and Andrea Horwath. Via Justin Trudeau’s Federal regulatory war on fossil fuels, life is more expensive in Ontario, but CLEARLY, nobody blames Doug Ford for it. The Rebel ( even attempted to show the negatives of how Doug Ford was treating them and this had NO EFFECT on the Ontario elections.

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Proving again that although media is influential in politics, it might not be as influential as you might think. Mainstream media hasn’t been able to dig up much dirt on Doug Ford, because he’s rather bland, Stephen Harper was rather bland, Paul Martin was rather bland, Jean Chretien was bland, in Federal politics, Justin Trudeau has been the rare FEDERAL politician that has NOT been bland, instead opting to be AGGRESSIVE and overt with his virtue signally.

For Justin Trudeau, this has “worked”? But typically a Doug Ford campaign is the most effective, sometimes the people like you, other times they throw you out of office, and the ebbs and flows are what they are. Currently, the people prefer Doug Ford to the WEAK opposition and I mention weak opposition because when it comes to weak opposition, the NDP is showing signs of CONSISTENCY, whereas the Liberals are reliant on “Cult of Personality” figures to lead them.

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I remind people that Kathleen Wynne was the first female and gay Premier in Ontario, at the time in which she ran, there was a “Progressive” feel to her. Ontarians gave her and her personality a chance. The end results were disastrous, but Ontarians gave her a chance and it’s unlikely anyone remembers Tim Hudak, who ran as a Progressive Conservative and saw Andrea Horwath make massive gains on him.

A reminder that Kathleen Wynne in that provincial election got 58 seats, compare that Doug Ford’s 83 and Steven Del Duca’s 8 in the 2022 Provincial election. Why I bring up a cult of personality regarding the Liberals is that Steven Del Duca basically had a REPEAT performance from Kathleen Wynne’s 2018 election in which they won 7 seats.

I don’t think the Information age is on the side of Left Wingers, I do think we’re currently living in a PROGRESSIVE era, but the evidence shows as human intelligence enhances, Left Wing ideology becomes LESS appealing. With that said, the information war is being won by the left-wingers, and PROGRESSIVE-Conservatives might have the right idea to combat it.

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As an example Doug Ford made cuts while Justin Trudeau added regulations, In Ontario, we used to have these license plate stickers, Doug Ford got rid of them, and the money I spent a few years ago was returned to me. That’s not vote buying, that’s a refund. Justin Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels has led to higher gas prices, Trudeau, picked a side on this issue, there are oil pipelines, Trudeau Nationalized collecting dust and Trudeau’s carbon tax is not a secret, well, Doug Ford did what was within his power to lower gas prices.

Being that Canada has to IMPORT oil, everyone knows Doug For for the most part is powerless, but voters also know that the NDP and Liberals are united on their war against fossil fuels. So again this is where being a Progressive-Conservative is beneficial because Doug Ford doesn’t have to talk about Pandemics, immigration, Liberties, Freedoms, etc. He can present himself as the guy trying to LOWER the cost of living.

This is why in my opinion Pierre Poilievre to date is the biggest threat to Justin Trudeau’s claim as the Prime Minister of Canada. It’s not to say Trudeau can’t beat Pierre Poilievre, he could, but if Pierre Poilievre focuses on FINANCES as opposed to all of these other topics, most Canadians do not understand, similar to Doug Ford his chances of success are great.

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Justin Trudeau’s MESSAGING to his supporters resonates with them, some people really like “Social Justice” but the rest of us want to be able to pay our bills and live our lives without wasting money unnecessarily. These are the Liberal and the NDP’s vulnerable spots, sometimes you’re going to win these arguments, other times as a Conservative you’re going to lose, it’s really that simple but when you lose, this doesn’t mean you should change the mission statement, just accept that the Leftists are winning the war of ideas.

The problem for the Conservatives is that when they win, they SHOULD make as many cuts to government spending and regulations as possible. The plus side to Justin Trudeau is that his tyrannical behavior has allowed Ontarians to be open to a shrinking of government. Will Doug Ford use Justin Trudeau’s recklessness against him? I think he should, Justin Trudeau has backed himself into a corner in which most of his regulations are failing, and costing taxpayers a lot of money, this is the PERFECT time for Doug Ford to SHRINK government on the Ontario side because the reality of the matter is that Doug Ford won’t win forever, there will come a time when he loses and when he loses, the Left-winger will likely add on a bunch of NEW regulations and taxes.

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I think it wise while the opportunity presents itself that Doug Ford cut the fat from the government.

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