The Rising Canadian Dollar, Negative Bank of Canada Interest Rates and Jimmy Joe Carter Biden – May 8, 2021,

Jimmy Carter, I call the inflation man, it’s not to say that Jimmy Carter didn’t believe in freedom and wasn’t a good well-intentioned person, it’s just that Jimmy Carter was an economic moron, who similar to Joe Biden won, because the media had portrayed his predecessor(Richard Nixon) as the worst thing since Hitler.

Richard Nixon and Donald Trump both oddly enough have ties to Roger Stone, and Jimmy Carter similar to Joe Biden won, not because he was liked but because the prior President was HATED! In short, the point I’m trying to make about Jimmy Carter similar to Joe Biden is that the people were merely voting strategically.(BTW, yes I know about the election fraud allegations, but I’m trying to keep this short)


As the Canadian dollar continues to rise, the very real reality that negative interest rates are coming to Canada will start to find their way into Canadian mainstream society. I actually think a scenario could happen in which the Bank of Canada makes an emergency rate cut.

During the Obama administration, the Canadian dollar reached parity with the United States, the reason why this happened was due in large part to Barack Obama and his socialist policies of bailing out private industries he felt were too big to fail. Well, in the modern era, almost every large corporation is too large to fail and this corporatist system is coming to an end.

Corporatism or corporate welfare is coming to an end BUT NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT! if you think these government-subsidized corporations, non-profits, individuals, and so-called charities are going to give up their special government perks, you’re delusional, no, this system will be propped up for as long as they can prop it up.

I like to refer to the price of Bitcoin as the reality of the absurdity of this economy, it’s not to say that Bitcoin or even Dogecoin don’t have any value, but the price people are putting on Bitcoin in some instances exceeds the value of everything on the planet and a reminder that Bitcoin is heavily reliant on electrical grids that are often centralized and internet connections in which countries like China already have a kill switch.

So it’s not to say that Bitcoin doesn’t have any value, but looking at it for what it is, one has to wonder if the price of Bitcoin is rising or are the values of fiat currencies falling? I make the argument that debasing fiat currencies is the only game in town, it’s the only tool central bankers have to salvage this corporatist system and why Canada is a good case study is because of where it sits geographically.

Canada is not landlocked, t’s a developed nation with an abundance of resources, it has a growing population and it has direct access to both the Chinese and American market, so the reality of the situation is that any poverty in Canada, is due in large part to government policies.

Canada for a very long time hasn’t been paying for its Welfare honestly, but that I mean if a country wants welfare, they do so via taxation, not via debasement of their currency, which creates artificial and temporary inflation. The flaw in capitalism is that if there is no value in the marketplace, deflation becomes a major problem, well as many people know even in a fiat currency system deflation via technology has become a major problem and luckily for countries like Canada, the Euro-Dollar system exists.

The euro-dollar system in the manner I’m explaining it here is the reality that there are more U.S dollars outside of the United States than there are in the United States. This market helps countries like Canada pay for Welfare, by lowering the value of their currency to the U.S dollar.

This is the basis of Canada’s over-priced manufacturing wages, in a market economy, the private sector sets the prices and the wages, things change the moment the government steps in and creates things like a minimum wage and forces employers to pay for “social security” schemes.

I comprehend that a to of people believe in these socialist schemes, but if let’s say there was a Gold or Bitcoin standard that governments had to abide by, the reality is that social security and minimum wages WOULD NEVER work. We’re in a fiat monetary system because governments all over the world couldn’t pay for their prior welfare spending under the gold standard.

What separates the Western World from nations that reject Individualism in ALL of its forms is our respect for private property. So if you’re wondering why some countries experience hyper-inflation faster than others, it’s because the moment people observe that a nation doesn’t respect property rights, then investment into that country will quickly dry up.

But in Western nations, we have a different problem, because corporatism is basically incentivizing people and entities into the stock market and other risky assets. The more money people dump into assets, the higher those asset prices rise, which is supposed to represent a booming economy, where the problem comes in is that the central bank is supposed to mirror the market, so because the Canadian housing market as an example is booming, interest rates should be going up, but because we have a central bank, what most likely will happen is that interest rates will come down.

The reason interest rates typically go up during a housing boom is that most people purchase homes using DEBT and borrowing to purchase something is risky in a MARKET economy. When central banks control interest rates and even have a stake in mortgage insurance, the holders of debt are often freer of risk, because it’s more likely that the government will pay for things using inflation rather than pay for it honestly by raising taxes.

Now if the Liberal Government of Canada raised sales or income taxes on renters to pay for the people who bought a mortgage, chances are Justin Trudeau would be thrown out of public office and Canada’s central bank, as well as the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), would be dissolved.

Because then Canadians would have a clear understanding of what’s going on. But instead, the Canadian economy is all smoke and mirrors and unfortunately for Canadians, Joe Jimmy Carter Biden appears to be one of the dumbest U.S Presidents in my lifetime. After observing Joe Biden for a few months, it’s pretty clear that he’s a puppet, but what I should also point out is that I’ve called Justin Trudeau a puppet.

Both Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau know the right words to use to their followers, but unfortunately, their policies are disastrous and I point to the year 2022 as the ear in which things will probably start to really unravel. Now, I’m not one of those ‘the sky is falling’ type of people, no, I just think there will be a new normal, in which the poor get poorer.

The first sign of a new level of poverty in Canada will start once the Bank of Canada enacts or “Tests” negative interest rates. I read about people talking about the Bank of Canada pulling back on its quantitative easing program, yeah, they’re pulling back because the Bank of Canada is headed for negative interest rates.

Justin Trudeau has spent too many Canadian dollars, the problem is so bad that Tiff Macklem is basically buying up Trudeau’s debt in almost exact increments. Trudeau promises to spend 1 Billion, The bank of Canada buys $1 billion of Trudeaus debt. It’s an embarrassment to observe, this doesn’t even happen in America.

But this is happening obviously because the Bank of Canada is headed towards NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES The FOREX Canadian dollar is appreciating in value and the mistake that’s going to happen is that the Bank of Canada, is going to assume that this will buy them some time, but going negative with the interest rates for a country like Canada equates to the only way out of this mess will be austerity measures.

I said a few years ago that Maxime Bernier would be wise to keep hammering away because eventually, he will become Canada’s next Prime Minister, once interest rates go negative, the cost of living in Canada is going TO SPIKE like we’ve never seen before. I personally believe once Canada goes negative, the Canadian dollar is going to drop and once the Canadian dollar starts dropping it’s going to keep falling meaning that the cost of living in Canada is going to get even more expensive, I also suspect that once the Canadian dollar starts falling Washington is going to be in gridlock.

Meaning that prices are going to start rising in the United States also, but I don’t suspect the U.S Federal Reserve will go negative, I just see a new monetary system coming out of this and I’d be lying if I said that I know what that new monetary system looks like. I don’t think it will be digital, because I think most people forget that human behavior changes once governments are proven to be incompetent with money, which many consider being their property

Interesting times ahead!