Rivat Investment Review Is It a Scam?

RivatInvestment.com uses the common investment software for this type of online company, as of 26 of December 2019, they’ve been paying their members and also allow their members to withdraw their every calendar day. Personally, this puts into question their long term stability as this has typically proven to be a recipe for disaster with any company.

RivatInvestment – Address with no number

Even when investing in stocks, or leaving money in a bank, there’s always a fear of a bank run that could be caused by a mass panic that could be triggered by anything and this could easily lead to a crash of any business The mere fact that RivatInvestment has this option, makes wonder if they’re really in this for the long haul. Making things worse is the Rivat Investment address, which currently states the following:

New St Square,
London EC4A 3BF,
United Kingdom.

Did you notice something there? Maybe this will change on a later date, but currently, the Rivat Investment address listed on their website has no number.  I’m familiar with “New St Square,” however there’s usually a number ahead of it. Example: “5 New Street Square” or “The Merchant Centre found at 1 New St Square, Holborn, London EC4A 3BF, UK”. Just something you’ll want to concern yourself with prior o joining RivatInvestment.com.

The last thing that I’ll point out regarding RivatInvestment is their domain name, which is currently set to expire in 2020, I’m writing this in 2020, typically a domain will be bought for at least 3 years, it’s odd that RivatInvestment.com as of today’s date only purchased their domain for one year.

Final thoughts on RivatInvestment.com

Their Creation Date: was 2019-06 and currently the RivatInvestment.com domain name is set to expire 2020-06. I won’t make this big deal, but it’s something to pay attention too. Based on my reviews I personally I won’t be giving any money to Rivat Investment, I’m not going to call them legit or a scam, because apparently some people got paid, all I will say is RivatInvestment.com looks a lot like a pump and dump scheme, so in the event, their policy regarding payouts changes or isn’t working, I’d advise you not to give them any more of your money.

They haven’t been online long enough to say they’re reliable, there have been a lot of similar sites that make what they can and then leave their members high and dry. Just be careful. I will not be recommending RivatInvestment.com at this time.

Good luck!

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